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  • Chris

Thanks Kelv, if you can, post your review as soon as you get the N90. Thanks again mate.

  • Dom

Kelv, how come it says it the carphonewarehouse ( and go to coming soon) that it will be available for the UK in July?

  • Kelv

Dear Chris, the 23rd release date is for Singapore at the moment. I am not sure for the oother countries. Britain would get it in August if my estimations are correct.

Thank you Nanda. I will definitely pop by on friday at Wheelock Place! =)

  • someone

it's funny to see what the "two stars" argued about... it's just so typical singaporean...

  • Nanda

Kelv, he said that the retail version of N90 will be available from 22nd, this Friday. We should check the Nokia Showroom in Orchard. They would be the first one to sell the retail versions.

I guess, if we see the Straits Times this saturday, we can see contract N90s from Starhub. He said that the contract price would be Sing $1188.

  • Chris

Are you referring to the release on th 23rd within Singapore only, or within the likes of britain, and globally as well.

  • Kelv

Hello once again nanda, i actually called the starhub shop to enquire on when it would be on sale and they told me to check back during the weekend. What exacty did the salesman in charge update you on? Do fill me in!

To all others in singapore, the phone is due anytime soon, with earliest stocks in within the next 3 to 5 days.

  • Dom

Two or three days left...come on! My contract has ended and I'm so desperate for this phone...LOL

  • sid

is it releasing on 22july or 23 july? nanda said on 22july but kelv said on 23july. so when ?

  • Dom

Nanda and Kelv, you are both STARS!!!

  • Nanda

Kelv, its an actual phone which I saw and played with. That is why I had an opportunity to check its excellent display, fine twisting and VIBRATION!

  • Kelv

Nanda, thank you for your wonderful post on N90's place on the shelf at Bukit Merah.

I stay at Serangoon and it is prety far away from me.

I have called to enquire and the salesperson has stated the phone is slated to release this weekend.

I would like to confirm with you, Nanda,whether the actual phone is up for testing or was it only the dummy? Do enlighten me on this that I would like to know.

Thank you so much my fellow Singaporean!

  • Anonymous

the best phone ever

  • Lewis

understanding, if you read what you posted you will also notice that it says:
(65,536 color-display, 176 x 208 pixels) which we all know is wrong. this phone has no vibration no matter what anyone says, and people believe it is because of the carl zeiss lens. and someone has already mentioned that info was wrong so please read before you post

  • understanding

i am now convinced that Nokia N90 has a vibration. Nokia USA's website indicates that it has a vibration mechanism:
And in my opinion, Nokia USA will not be that stupid to write the follwing in this link:,7747,feat:1­,00.html

Weight: 6.1 ounces
Dimensions: 4.41 x 2.0 x 0.94 inches
Display - up to 65,536 colors (176 x 208 pixels)
Internal antenna and vibrating alert
Dedicated function keys
5-way navigation key

And if nokia USA has typographically type it wrong, then my trust on Nokia will diminish down to 15% out of 99.

  • Nanda

Jason, I saw it in Bukit Merah Central. There is a Starhub showroom opposite to NTUC Fairprice in Bukit Merah Central.

  • Jason

Hi Nanda, so where did u see the N90 at? I want to go and take a look too! I went to Singtel and Starhub shops and the staffs there just told me they duno the release date thought its on display already. Isit sold only through Nokia shops?

  • Nanda

I think all these confusions started when Nokia initially thought of releasing N90 without vibration. But then, Nokia changed its mind and realized that vibration is very important for N90 to have its commercial success. This is one of the reasons why they have delayed its release by almost two months.

All those guys who are having this phone for a while are prototypes one, which are meant for testing and benchmarking purpose, which obiviously don't have vibration in them.

The Retail version N90's, which are now being shipped by Nokia definitely have vibration, as I personally tested in the showroom yesterday and found that it has vibration.

I just wonder at people, who keep on saying that Kelv and others are liars, as they say that N90 has vibration. Come on guys, what are we going to gain by saying something false?

One last line:


  • understanding

Hey Nanda, please visit this forum thread:­53
there's a person there (alias: Moby) he has a nokia N90 and he has proven things out that it has no VIBRATION.

BUT..... according to another guy there (f_alejandro) in this thread:­513#post91513

he has pointed out that the N90 has a vibration base on the Nokia USA website.

i am totally confused. should i believe Nokia instead of Moby?

Originally written by: NANDA
I just cannot stop laughing on seeing what is happening at this place :)

Yesterday, I've told that I saw the phone and I felt the vibration and hence it is confirmed that N90 HAS VIBRATION!

There is nothing else that I or anyone else can do to make others believe. Its upto them to believe or not. People who don't believe, will never believe and even if they buy the phone and feel the vibration... they might still think that its an illusion! :))

I don't like arguing on this anymore. N90 HAS VIBRATION and I'll see you guys coming back after a week and accept this truth! :)

  • 6230 boy can a high tech phone dun have vibration? use ur brain lar, now wat generation wor, even 3310 got vibration and u wanna tell me N90 dun have vibration meh..ahahhahhaha, just only the website miss out on this features and u guys can make such a mess on this website, if the website forgot to write that this phone got camera, then u all will make noises again lar...hahahahahahah