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  • Mario

Why are u being a hater Kelv? Seriously I dont have nothing against Nokia, 7280 is my fav fone so far. All I said is that in general Moto's have better voice quality talkin and better speakerphones thats a fact. For sure the O.S in the Nokia's is the best. My Fav phones so fare are. Razr , the Nokia 7280 and 7710 and I think for my needs the best so far its gonna be the Moto V1150 nice design and up too 512 mb space plus a 2mp camera. Whats so crude about it ? :O

  • Mario

Dont even go there to the phone as a quality of talking and speakers forget about it. Moto is far better ok symbian is a plus for Nokia. But trust me depends what are u looking for in a phone. I go for the design and 2mp cam and the cardslot. I dont ever play games with my phone once in a while so the voice quality is always much better in a Moto everybody knows that. Dude u should try a Moto first than talk.

  • Linda

I call to pu a BOYCOT on Nokia N90 model.
It is really a shame that Nokia has messed up its reputation with this model, since N90 has no Vibrating alert.

I'm confident that 80% of the population will not buy N90 unless Nokia will remake it and put a Vibrating alert into the phone.

FOR ALL YOU men-kids who are messed up in your heads about Camera, Bluetooth and other components, let me remind you that phone must first function well as a phone and only then as everything else.

YET, I strongly believe Nokia is still the Leader and has the most strongest and durable phones on the market.
-6310i (Undoubtly the King of all Cell. Phones)

  • Anonymous

i bought it today and i was so dissapointed of the huge size and the weight but in rest is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it, i has the best camera u can demand

  • Steve Stower

Hmm no vibration to protect the camera, yet there is no lense protection... NICE!!!

  • Kelv

I have telephoned Nokia with regards to the vibrate mode concern and there might be a chance in technicality change as the CSO put me on priority hold and would call me back only once the function is confirmed.

  • Kelv

The newer version will be different from the N90. No news has been confirmed but this has been inside news from a Nokia Spokesperson. Not a release in Feb but in the first quarter of next year.

To all people who are keen on knowing when the phone will arrive in their country, Singapore will take stock of it from Thurs/Fri onwards while the release will be progressive throughout the month of August in the rest of the world.

Singapore price will be $1388 SGD.

As for vibrate mode, as there are many confunding sources on the web, I will re-confirm with Nokia one more time and will keep all of you guys informed of any news.

I will do a full review once I get hold of the phone.

  • Anonymous

THIS IS BS, its too expensive

  • Anonymous

its too expensive the cheapest u can get it for is 845 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shady_tr

Everyone please write this writing in your mind.This phone has vibra.This is real

  • Sonners

Motorola phones are not in the same league of this phone because it has one thing they don't have, a symbian operating system. I hate phones where you are stuck to using the programmes pre-installed on the phone. Motorola are a brand which doesn't appeal to me. At least if you get a Nokia phone like this one everyone will be impressed. However I where to go for say the Motorola v1120 I would probably be bored of it within three months. At least I could keep a Nokia N90 for a year and still be finding more programmes such as emulators to put on it.

  • Omar

i like the phone but it has no vibration... tsk tsk... why do nokia dnt put vibra on this phone? i think this phone is very sensitive....

  • Timmy

This phone might need permanant bubble wrap around it!!! If Nokia couldnt put a Vaibrator in it cos of the delecite camera lense then imagine what a little drop it going to do!!!!! I think ill stick to my reliable Sharp V902 (AWESOME PHONE) the sharp i meen!!

  • Mario

Forget about this big heavy.... the design is ok but still to big. Better the Motorola V1150 much better vibra and everthying u got all u need camera thats best. Peace out dudes maybe its time go for a Moto ;)

  • legs

sometimes i wonder about nokia ..sleeplesss nights ect, my 6170..with only 2 mb`s of memory wats that all about,and now this no vibra thing the helll s that gonna work,are they serious? might as well not have tex messaging thats what it boils down to its as if they do it on purpose knowing that people like me are still gonna buy the phones no matter whats missin.i mean 2 pics and some small vid footage and my phone is full.
but i still love the daaaarn thing and in no way shape or form regret buying it,that is of course till i saw the n90...of couse EVEN IF IT HASN GOT AN F...IN VIBRA..i still like wa i see and stillllllll neeeeed to have it ok folks so bring it on!

  • wuming

the phone will launch this mth trust mi in SG

  • Nexus

OMG have u seen the review on THIS FONE IS AMAZING, bought no questions asked, what UK network will it be on tho, as it is 3G will it be on the three network for england!!

  • Dan

Hey Kelv, can you tell me whene will the n90 be released in Jordan-Middle East, and do you advise me to get it? Thanx

  • danr

Does anyone know when this phone will be released in australia???

  • Slavyan


A several posts ago you wrote : "The enhanced model of this phone will be out in Feb-March 2006. You can use this phone for a good 6 months. Relax."
What is that suppoused to mean. What is that enhanced model going to look like. Will it have vibration, because as a student this is an important feature to me. And if that enhanced model really has all the small mistakes in N90 repaired, I'm begining to thing why not to stay with may 6260 for another 5-6 months. And the other thing that makes planning to wait for the next model is that I live in a country where the N90 will probably apear at the end of September (you probably haven't even heard of that country - Bulgaria, Europe). And I'll probably wait 1-2 two month for a little price drop.
So, what I want to ask you Kelv is could you give me more info for this, so called, enhanced model and tell me if you think that it's worthed to wait for it, in my case, or not.