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Nokia N90

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  • Kelv

Ricky, N90 does not have vibration.

It will be out on the 23rd officially. Stocks will arrive Thurs/Friday and not available at those lousy neighbourhood handphone shops only certain distributors will have them

  • Anonymous

what enhanced means?

  • Shell

Dont be stupid... the N90 does have videocall and bluetooth.

Will the N90 be available on any website for buying?

  • Kelv

Latest Update:

Nokia N90 Dummy Set are on shelves now! 23rd July is a reality.

  • ricky

Kelv can you please confirm if theres vibration or not in the n90? and when is the confirm date of its release.. im in singapore

  • Vlad

SOrry made mistake just read on the Nokia site that this phone has video call.
Still no bluetouth. But because it has video call I am thinking to buy it.

  • Kelv

Dear all,

Nokia has confirmed with me 23rd July once again at a price of $1388 SGD. Only Nokia Shops and selected distributors in Singapore will be selling the phone on the release date, so don't bother going to those neighbourhood shops. Not all shops island wide will be having the phone. You'll be wasting your time and getting your money cheated from them.

Do post any queries if you have any.

  • Vlad

The phone does not have video call & vibrator :( I will not buy it.

  • Kelv

I hope that you will not be too ready to trust hp shops over singapore. They do not know anything at all. Try asking them whether Nokia 6101 is out if you have the chance later and if they are not carrying that model, they'll most probably tell you they have no idea. Trust Nokia's release date. Nokia shop and only LIMITED distributors will be selling the phone. Likewise in the case of the Nokia 6680. Only service providers, Nokia and a few shops were selling it in the beginning. The rest were not selling or at exorbitant prices. I will get in touch with them to re confirm all details and will post here again.

Meantime, it is a near 100% release of the Nokia N90 next week as the Nokia 6101 has been released today in Singapore. This scenario was seen in Malaysia and the trend is expected to follow in Singaore.

People, do relax, though I am on the verge of going crazy. =)

  • Nanda

Kelv, Save us!! All of us are going to faint if its not going to come out on 23rd! :)

  • Jason

Hey are you all sure bout the 23rd July release date in Sg? I ask around most of the stores in Yishun and they said that the phone will be released earliest 2 months from now and some even tell me End Of Yr. Also, I asked about the Mlysia release and some of them said tt it hasnt been released in Mlysia too. Can someone confirm?

  • n90

will b available in india by month end

  • will august the 11Th it Has to be for UK. (i read somewhere that someone from nokia told someone August the 11TH :S) ..correct me if im wrong.

  • will

Im in UK and i have rung up carphonewarehouse and they do not have it, i have phoned 02 and they dont have it untill beginning of august!! Why cant people get things Right!!! :(

  • Nanda

I don't think I'll feel it huge. I'm having Motorola E680 and N90 is just slightly bigger and heavier than that. I should be ok with it. Looking forward to get it soon! :)

  • Anonymous

how u like it

  • Joehanz

yeah...! I already get this ultimate mechine in Kuala Lumpur today this morning which i ordered last week during the maxis-nokia tour. But it's huge... u can feel it in ur pocket. hahaha..

  • Kelv

Good morning everyone (morning in Singapore)!

Well, as I have mentioned in the forum posts eearlier, the N90 does not support vibration due to the delicacy of its camera lense.

The phone will be released in Singapore on the 23rd of July so for countries it would be after this date. (It has always been the tradition for many years already)

  • Nuno Sobrinho

ok, this phone seems awesome...does it vibrate or not? can someone tell me when will the n90 be available in portugal, europe? thanks in advance

  • Loreto

To Kelv,
Yes that is what i was referin to...I am not happy with the resolution of the N70 & i was hopin that Nokia come out with a Candybar form factor with the looks of the N70 and with the screen resolution of the N90..