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Nokia N90

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  • tudor

the phone costs 720 euros in romania in store. on the black market it problably is 650 euros. it's a very very nice phone but i cannot afford such a high price for a phone. i wait until it is 300 euros - somewhere around Christmas! ans the 8800 is 920 euros - that's just sick! almost a thousand euros for a phone!!!

  • Louis_Loh

Sony? So far, SE only has 2 megapixel camera phones. Only xcute, Samsung, Motorola and LG have broken the 2mp border. xcute coming up with DV2 - 6mp. Samsung has its v770 - 7mp. That's FYI. And by the way, higher megapixel doesn't result in a better camera. For example, you can take a look at the comparison of pictures betweem K750i and S700i (from SE), and sometimes the latter can take sharper pictures even though they have 2mp and 1.3mp cameras respectively. This example shows how other elements in a camera also affect the picture quality - ie. in this case: the sensor (CMOS or CCD).

  • turkish cowboy

oh may god, what a waste of money
- too big
- too heavy
- memcards by nokia
- too expensive, absolutely ridiculous price (650 EUR!!!!)
- only 2MP (this barriere has been broken by Sony, so Nokia should make better cameras since this will be released after 2 months)

  • Si Dude

The K750 is better as the Nokia N90 only has 3G, Symbain, 3G video call and Edge! The rest of it is rubbish, so if you wanted those features get a Nokia 6630 or 6680 or something! Just not as good cam but still good and at leat it would be pratical! They ruined this phone!

  • vincent a great phone!!!!

  • viktoria

well i would never buy that phone even if i had the chance to do so. I think that sez520 is much better. N 90 i soooooooooooo heavy. can you imagine 170gr in your pocket????!!!!im very angry with nokia because they just CAN make a better phone but they dont do it. i think N90 is an ugly phone, so big and expensive. And there is always something missing. its a giant mistake to buy N90.

  • Nisam A

Pls tell me how much is its cost. this is very clear camera included. i love that features and high memory

  • Danny

another great fone from nokia the N90 is definately the phone for me :) oh! and could someone please tell me when this fone is out in Northern Ireland an how much it will cost?

  • sk i luv u

i meant to say excellent nokia phones...not excellent phones...

  • sk i luv u

hmm...i wonder why excellent phones such as 6680,6630, etc DOES NOT have FM radio??? why normal nokia phones such as 7250i, etc DOES have FM radio???.

i really really really want to buy this phone but since you all say bad things about this phone, it makes me hesitate whether to buy it or not therefore...can someone give me an opinion...?

  • new comer

can anyone tell me....whats MPEG4?...

  • Anathaema

Alright, I'm in love ... :)
still, with Carl Zeiss and all the 2mp, auto focus ... they are still blurry in edges and lack some clarity. I still keep in mind that this is a phone, but I'd expect more from a partnership between Zeiss and Nokia.
A phone to have. Don't expect small price for this :(

  • berger

how much for it????///////

  • xxx

this foe.omg is the BOMB ahhhh i want plz tell me how much this is plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • nick

you can already by those memory cards on a lot of sites. I saw 250mb cards on some site for only 70 euros

  • Anonymous

what are u saying people this is one of the best 5 fones in the surely and easily beats SE k750i.its a symbian fone and accepts applications that SE k750i doesnt and thats a big thing.i mean n90 is fully customisable.another thing is the screen which in n90 is far bigger.i dont care if is heavier i mean i want mind if i am 152gr what do u say about the camera i mean no reason to talk about it.and about the memory card thing,i think that after 2 months will they wont be sell exclusivelly by nokia.and last the 3G thing.why to buy a non-3G fone at this time.u get video call faster data transfer and others.plz post ur oppinions

  • Peter

And the N90 is a Series60 phone. So you can thousands of programs. The K750 is "only" a phone, a good phone, but not more.

  • kaga

so N90 and K750i which better ? pls give some opinion

  • Si Dude

This phone is isn't that good as this phone has so many downsides like: It is the most heaviest thing, heavier than 151 grams that my old 3210 is and that is heavy, plus the most biggest clamshell phone, can only take special Nokia memory cards that you can only get from then, so they could make it really expensive too! Also the K750 has FM radio with RDS, more internal memory so the K750 beats this Nokia N90 for real use! I would jsut get another 3G phone and not this! The onyl advantages this phne has over the K750 is: 3G video call, 3G, Edge and Carlz Zeises lenses and that is about it!

So unless you need those other little things or 3G the K750 is better!

  • Anonymous

of course N90 has got photo call. this one blows the K750i to kingdom come!