Nokia N90

Nokia N90

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  • uchiha itachi

N90 got photo call or not ? it compare wit K750i which better ?

  • Si Dude

Yes the phone does vibrate, jsut GSM Arena got it wrong! We have heard from Nokia it vibrates, all the other phone specs of this phone on the web say it has so it must be a mistake that GSM Arena havn't bothered t edit!

  • air

Does the N90 vibrate or not????

  • sprawl

This phone is not yet in phone shops.. Orange have it on their training list, so should be soon.

  • mark

looks good all the features i want ,when does it come out in d us

  • air

Does the N90 vibrate or not????

  • oh please

the reseller lied
here in Belgium, they say it will cost about 645 EUR
btw: i'm also a Turk :p

  • Turk

Hey guys. I am from Turkey.Is this phone released? cause I saw this phone in Istanbul in a phone shop.I couldn't believe my eyes. It is very big for me. the seller said the price 1500$ . come on miserable seller!!!

  • iah

Does this phone have video conferencing? Thanks

  • Anonymous

is the data transfer 236,8kbps or 384kbps

  • Zaparta Zuparta

Yes it has two pocket vibration style:
1. Vibrates your pocket when you buy it..
2. Vibrates your pocket when somebody cals you.

  • samod

i love their product especially that N90

  • hope2day

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  • shea

ROCKY ill close ur peeps if u talk like that again

  • shea

i think this phone is the mutts nutts, i have never had or seen a phone like it

  • Si Dude

I have just had to use a Nokia 3210 lol and felt how heavy it really was and was of course a brick! But that was only 151 grams and the Nokia N90 is a 173 grams!! It must be well heavy!

It should also have a CCD sensor!

  • crysalis

a mix of this phone and the n91 would be perfect. Instead of an actual harddrive, a 2GB flashdrive would be acceptable, as long as we have the same or better quality camera of n90, and ipod-like mp3 quality. I would not mind paying 800 upwards for a phone like this. come on nokia.

  • grayce

this fone features r way much better than snz800.but i want to kno da price of dis fone in msia.can anyone tell me how much dis fone cost?pleaseeeeeee...

  • Caz

i would like to now how much this phone is in australia and when it is coming out, also is it a 3g phone because i can't tell

  • ash

b4 u go mad on N90 look @ N91 and N70
there is a lot of hype on N90 but it may not b ur cupa tea