Nokia N90

Nokia N90

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  • fone dude

dear nokia,
make me a phone with this N90 screen, 4gig drive, and the size of a V3. 2MP camera and radio too.
sincerely, fone dude.

  • Kinger

NO Vibration? Really a BIG joke by Nokia!


This phone leaves the z70 for dead bar a megapixel

  • imPHOreal

I'm pretty sure it has vibration.. I've seen it on another review site. Probably just a typo. What phone doesn't have vibration now? For them to have all of these functions and no vibrations..

  • mayokun ibitoye

this phone is the best that i have seen on line i wish i could have one.This is the type of phone that everybody should have. I know that more phones that have more functions are allready in the market but this perticular phone stands out.

  • val

pitty... it does not have vibration. as for he rest... I wish I have it now in my pocket

  • haus

good looking but 173 g???Welcome to the real world Neo (((:

  • Johnny boy

In my view this is the best mobile phone on the EU market.It has a lot of interesting features and i would consider its cons the lack of IR and the size.
Despite these 2 it is the perfect phone!

  • Marwa

Ilove it sooooooo much, I need it
plz send to me and manual for tese mobile

  • Jwizzman

It's ugly and massive, if it had a w800i or k750-ish design I would buy it because the specs rule...but nokia's designs suck...big time

  • bav

If you look on the carphone warehouse site the n90 is up there as coming soon. So it is definatley coming out soon. So far July is the expected date.

  • erie

there is a really vivid transparent and explicit review about the latest two phone , Nokia N70 and N90... theres also reviews about the camery possibilities... its at and click for the english version...

  • kalimnaeemjamali

it is a terrific cell i have ever seen in my whole life.....its features,ringtones,graphics,memory,, indeed all functions are s beatiful.

  • bode

i love it so much

  • ray

nice!!!!!!! it has 20x zoom and also have an auto focus

  • ray

dis s d best handset iever saw!!!!!!!!!! cool camera, features and has a cute design. dis s d hottest cell dis year!!!!!!!!! yeah

  • davis

It will have vibration. but really what does it really matter it's going to change how phone are made! It's going to be one of the best phones ever. I am very excited.

  • davis

when will they be aviable? i need one soon. i have searched ebay and every site i can look at.I like it a lot.

  • flamingsnot

YAY!!! VIBRATION!!! loks like the phone's back on the wishlist...

  • tony

it lookz gud, i workz gud, but OMFG itz massive.. i can prob kill myself wit it