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Nokia N90

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  • Kelv

I do not see why I should be selling my phone to anyone. I bought it and it is mine. THE PHONE IS NOT FOR SALE. GET YOUR HOPES DOWN.

I've uploaded more photos on my blog, clearer ones I might add. So feel free to have a clearer look at them! -->

  • reassurance

yeah, but he confused me. hanging phones?
that's a nightmare. oh god maybe I should wait for 3mp cameras. ;))

  • Robbie

Warning - how often does it hang? Perhaps you have faulty models?

reassurance - yeah, glad you understand my point of view:) Well, there will always be better phones... we can never, ever catch up to technology's pace.


nokia phones have software problem:

my n90 & my 8800 both have problem ...... they both hang !!!!!!

  • reassurance

yeah, you're right. There's no point in waiting. I have seen Lg p7200, it will be a new launch and looks good. But I 've been waiting since 6 months for a phone and there's no point in waiting more. I'll probably get this one.

  • Robbie

Ooo, sorry, so to answer z & reassurance's question:

GET THIS PHONE! Nokia phones have the most comprehensive software and have software to easily synch with your pc.

It is a brand that can be trusted.

  • Robbie

z and reassurance,

I too am confused in terms of what phone to get or to wait.

BUT let's not kid ourselves here - this phone will turn heads and will do so for years to come!

We must remember that the cameras in phones will never be as good as digital cameras. I have an expensive digital camera and I don't mind lugging that and a phone around. It'll take another 3-5 years for mobile phone cameras to replace actual digital cameras. Don't get tricked by the number of mega pixels in mobile phone cameras - it is the quality that counts.

In the meantime, this phone is good enough for self-portraits and spontaneous photos.

  • reassurance

I'm having the same dilemma. I'm totally mixed up. But V3x looks perfect- I need a stylish phone this time but I don't know how long will I havet to wait? So guys please help us. we can't decide. v3x or n90

  • D-Tox

I GOT IN DELHI RS 34949 almost 35000 its amazing phone buy it just buy extra battary trust me u will need it

  • Z

right now i am at a point where i dont know if i want the N90 or the v3x, i like them both, but dont know which one would be a smarter choice.

  • Kelv

I am back again. I am holding the Nokia N90 in my hands. Got in today at SGD$1188.

More at my blog,

  • jancuk kon

Haley... even so.. it seems that your customer service is not very good. I bet you recommend all your customer just to buy nokia not others. N90 is a great phone, but not so many ppl can afford it. From what i see the way you put comment, you are just look like a pro N90---> better not to force your customer to buy this product ;P

  • Loreto


Personally i dont prefer SE products..& I have always used Nokia's..But i am dissapointed with their latest offerings..They are goofing up so bad that they are givin a chance to SE to come closer to their products..

  • Haley

Maybe Se can change to [Never perfect]..


No Smart human will change from K750I to W800I..

Basically Same function..

[Tink] If all hp have same function.. Den y hv different design???

Nokia always take aways and put other function in coz they gif customer more choices of Hp to choose from.. To yield fer new invent..


Only cam different.. Accepted..



K750I out only lik 2 months den come W800I.. All SE fans hv already buy k750I..
Who will change so fast..
Fer same function juz different colour and a bit different design..

  • Haley


I sort of agree tat Nokia make some Hp wid funni idea..

Great Hp but lack of a certain function..

Great function but lack of design..

I believe N91 got them all..

N90 doesn't hv radio..;[

Nokia fans lik their user-friendly and fer constain new design..

SE Hp price drop bery fast and there is not much function ya can play wid or use..

No symbian..

Nokia can DL themes and application..

I tink tat y Nokia win..
[Personally comments]

Dun use a stone to kills all bird..

[Fools and sadist?????]

SE cheapskate user who nv yield fer new invent.. Tat wad i tink..LOL!

  • Loreto

Nokia dont seem to learn from their previous mistakes or for the matter their sucessful products...
Why was the 6230 such a hit[because it offered the best for a small package..Bluetooth,IR,EDGE,Stereo MP3..etc]
Why was the 6600 such a success[It was the best smartphone for its time & it too had both Bluetooth,IR,a lot of customization option as it was a Symbian]
The 6630 had everything goin well in the feature Nokia decided to spoil the form & gave it such an odd shape..

Of late the decent products they have offered are the Nokia 6680/6681..But again here there are such issues as the slide leaving scratch marks on the mobile durin use..abscence of FM Radio,IR.etc..
Are SE fools to keep givin IR,FM radio even in their top end models or are Nokia from some other planet..
The 6280 again seems to have everthing & might as well repeat the success of the 6230 for Nokia..All the rest of its products fit the "Nothing is Perfect" sayin..

  • Haley

I'm not sure where to get in KL but JB is out.. Last week.. Selling at RM$2388..
Sorie if i'm not much help.. TAt all i noe..

  • Haley

There is Hot fight in here coz both hp are..


So fight is in fer SE w800i and N90..
Tat wad i tink.. [Not sure y oso] Hahaz..

I hv not touch the hp so it is naturally to ask some question regarding the Hp as i'm buying it soon.. [jancuk kon]

[jancuk kon] Wad do ya mean by am i werking in Handphone shop.. Ppl werking in handphone shop are human too.. Not GOD.. No one in tis world dare claim to noe everything abt Handphone.. So there are still question tat i dunnoe abt N90 moreover i hvm buy it yet..

Ya are juz typing without thinking.. Plz use yr brain and tink before typing in future..
~ Senseless Small Kid~


  • Loreto

I believe Nokia should change their line from "Connecting People" to "Nothing is Perfect"...They deliver products which could have always been better..
& for once they makeup all the features that u would need but put it in such a bad design & form factor[Too Big & Unyieldy] & leave out vibration...
Why could they have done all this in the N70..If they would have done that..I am sure the SE W800/K750 wouldnt have a chance to even come close for a debate..
Nokia are either fools or sadists..

  • Jason

annoyed : you can get it at junction 8, the handphone shop. its available at S$1188