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  • Justice!

To D-Tox:
Come on man! You sound like a 10 years boy! You paid so much money to buy N90 and now you are socked it has no vibration?! Well, I bet you are another stubborn SE fan, in a nokia forum, with no imagination! You could find another excuse, but this is very childish! I am sure you havent even touched a N90!

  • D-Tox

I donno whts up with nokia now they make bigger and bigger phones i was looking at my N90 the battary is small and the upper flip on it and be reduced man nokia should make phones smaller not bigger

anyway i got the n90 oh i hateeeeeeee the music earphones its like they got it for US $1 but sony erricsons music earphone is really nice Nokia sound is good i havnt really taken a really good pic yet i only had it for 1 day mine is buggy still keeps restarting now i phoned someone and it went on loudspeaker i guess it will be ok when the next Firmware comes out

still no vibration which i am shocked...
but hey if u got the money BUY it if ur poor shUt The hEll up and get the cheap lil w800 i dont think i like this new battary it seems that it will finish before the day runs out

  • jancuk kon

I hv not seen N90 but i hv seen W800I and i muz admit tat the W800I pic is not up to standard.. N90 if ya wanna see the quality den plz go to the link i show.. Thanx..(Haley)

Huh wad does it mean.. I oso getting one tis wk-day.. Wad is the problem?? but overall izzit nice??? good to use???

-----> to haley
Is this the sort of question that comes out from someone who work in the mobile phone shop?

  • jancuk kon

And if Jancuk Kon says the W800i is a better phone than the N90.

I'd say he's talking bullsh**t!!!

to sonners:
in the first place, i never state that...
If you think that i think that way.. you are completely wrong, but i do not say that W800i is worse than N90 either. Your choice of phone is based on what you need and what you expect on mobile phone as well as the amount of money you wish to spent on that. The best phone for YOU is not the best phone for OTHERS, no matter how good the phone is.

  • Loreto

I feel the Carl-Zeiss lens doesnt make the differance its just the Autofocus that helps in takin better pictures..
Makin a mobile this show that it has good features is a REAL "BAD" idea..Nokia should take a tip from SE[K750&W800]...

  • jorge

THIS IS A HUGE PHONE!!!It should be very good & feature-rich because it's really bulky..When will Nokia make a small phone with all those great features that they Samsung (D500) & Sony Ericsson (W800)..a phone should be small in size.. that's y it's called mobile phone!if u cant put it in your pocket then it's not a phone!When will nokia realize this?

  • D-Tox

My mom has w800 and i have N90 and N90 is much much much much better Cam trust me

Man my phone has a mind of its own
Always Restarting every 1 hour
Camara comes on Sometimes
Flash comes on Somtimes
its getting annoying is this happening to any others

  • phone user

I have SE K750, SE W800, Nokia 8800 & N90. All I say is the SE's 2MP camera picture much better than the 2MP Nokia N90 picture.

  • Haley

when i do something its buggy its so so not that great..

Huh wad does it mean.. I oso getting one tis wk-day.. Wad is the problem?? but overall izzit nice??? good to use???

  • D-Tox

i got n90 today omg its bigggggggggggggggggg
good cam i paid rs 34950 which is like us $750 dammmmm its big and the top bit spins only around 320 degress and yes it does only turn 1 side the screen it always goes to cam when i do something its buggy its so so not that great

  • Haley

I hv not seen N90 but i hv seen W800I and i muz admit tat the W800I pic is not up to standard.. N90 if ya wanna see the quality den plz go to the link i show.. Thanx..

  • Haley

New hp always bring new debate..

Thanx [Sonners]..

Yeahz The hp is big admit but the design is nice.. Tat wad i lik abt it..

I dun see O2 xda ppl complaining abt the size.. It is the way ya see it ppl..

$1000 on a non-vibration hp not worth it..

Go buy Nokia 1100 which cost $100 and can be use as vibrator..

I werk in a Hp shop and i noe the price of all hp fer those who doubt my knowledge..
(Jancuk Kon)

if ppl are selling N90 above $900.. They juz wanna cheat dumb ppl.. Btw, i get the hp local set wid warranty full package at cost price.. If ya say i'm dumb becoz i got N90 at cheap price den i got nothing to say..

Nokia hp price dun drop as much as SE hp coz they dun hv some model..


If no idea might as well dun make hp.. Waste ppl money SE.. Boring..

  • jancuk kon

haley... i think you are the one who has to think or at least do some research before you state an opinion. N90 is no way cheaper than w800. it is almost twice the price from w800. And if you say that ppl are making excuse... why don't i say that you are the one who is making excuse. have you actually seen the w800 and compare it phone to phone? if not then don't talk about those say that w800 has a better camera and mp3 player. If you say that N90 is better in function, i just say that it just the way it should be since it is called as smartphone. If you say that N90 have dual LCD, i would say that w800 have a dual front design, phone and camera. Any complaint?

  • Loreto

The N90 does have an awesome feature package, but i doubt people can be as comfortable with it after usin it for a few days..As the weight & size factor are too big..I still feel comfortable with my 6230 even though i am usin the 6680 now..But i dont regret buyin the 6680 because it is my first Symbian & sure Symbian makes a lot of differance..
I hope Nokia comes with something the size of 6680 or smaller with the feature package of the N90..I am sure thats posssible as they almost did it with the N70[unfortunately they missed on the screen resolution which was left to 176x208 when they could have made it 352x416 as in the N90]


i tried to buy a phone from, he deceived me i lost almost 500 dollars on a W800, if you have more info please email me at, we need to do justice, there's alot of people who have been part of this scam and i'm one of then, please reply.

  • Mike

What's up with you people?
If anyone, these days is willing to pay
$900-$1100 for the phone that does have or does not have the following:

-No Vibration mode
-Horrible batterry life

Then no wonder that our society is in trouble!

  • Haley


Rune is not making excuse.. Ya hv to compare all the function to noe which hp is betta.. wise up.. [state yr name]

Some ppl buy W800I and say the MP3 is betta den N90.. Am i suppose to say tat they are making excuse and tat they should go buy a MP3??? Plz read properly before ya mak any comment.. Thank..

N90 can self-protrait..
N90 got 2 LCD display..
N90 is a symbian Hp..
N90 is a 3G Hp..
N90 is cheaper..

Seriously speaking, Wad is W800I???

  • Haley

[Rune] totally agree wid ya.. Do ya ppl came came to realise tat N90 is cheaper den w800i in singapore..


I dunnoe who tat guy who spend $1000 on his N90 but is certainly been cheated..

Moe-$1000 can buy a laptop.. yeahz.. But can ya tok on yr laptop?

If $1000 is expensive den wad abt O2 user.. It certainly cost more..

Dun mix all the hp together.. Sharp and all..
Samsung 7Mega-pixel Hp can shut all up.. We are toking abt quality not the amount of Pixel..

A lot of website indicate tat W800I win N90 in photos.. But i choose to believe my brain.. I stand by my 1st post abt how the carl zeiss optics is made.. How can a chemical win a natural material.. Use brain and ya will noe..

$1000 on a hp if lose sure not worth it but tat not becoz of the price but becoz tat person is stupid enuff to lost the hp.. Take care of yr own valuable carefully tat all i hv to say..

W800I can nv produce a pic same as any of tis..

  • Anonymous

You are making excuse! If you talk about video recording quality, then get yourself a camcorder or digital camera.....not this huge phone!

  • Moe

wait a mintue. If i say the truth it hurts to Nokia N90 LOVERS. I think that is what it is. Comeon u guys need to open up ur eyes. That is all i am saying. $1000 is many other things that r useful. Think about it if this phone gets stolen there goes the $1000 investment. Is it really worth buying a $1000 phone. AFTER ALL IT IS JUST A PHONE.