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  • ryanloh

@Sonners u really never ever tried using S.E phone before~!!! when k700i came out it already beat most of e phone in e market. it has everything from bluetooth to mp4 video etc... everything is easy to manage on SE phones. processor is second to none~~~~~!!!!!!! reliable, improvement over screen n sound. look at nokia, takes time to load a file, improve slowly in everything, come out with so many crap phone, screen n sound still not much improvement only recently. files/apps r not easy to delete cause it's store inside file manager, cause it'll confuse ppl where e actual file/s r store. hang so many time. y r they call smartphones in e first place???

  • Moe

haha it is funny how soo many people are trying to defend for the N90- THE BRICK. I dont hate the phone but seriously the size will make my pants drop from one side. I think people should wait for the other N-series phones. I want to get the N91. That baby looks good but in the U.S. there is no 3G so that function is a waste. Anyway my point is this phone is not worth $1100 maybe a around $600-750 but definetly not $1100. Haahah that is a laptop. Wouldi rather buy a laptop or the N90. HMMMMMM tough decision.

  • Nanda

Thanks Ellendil,

The last link you gave has lots of pictures taken by N90, which are amazing.

Observer, you are obsolutely right! The pictures shown in that link are given with full EXIF information. Can you please go through them and let us know your thoughts!? :)

  • jo

i kind agree with observer i have seen lots of pics of the n90 they never looked overexpo, as they were here, and some even looked better than the k750i, plus with the n90 you dont have to set anything, i imagine he spent alot of time setting the camera of the w800 to take those pics =P with nokia's was a breeze

  • Ellendil

some more N90 pictures - ( this is an original source, the previous was just a copy):

  • Ellendil

how can you compare N90 and k750
k750 is just a plain phone while N90 is a SMARTPHONE and this is what makes the difference (and if U do not see/appreciate the difference between plain phone and a smartphone I wonder what are you doing here on a mobile fans site)

  • Ellendil

If U want to see some pictures taken with N90 go there:

there is huge difference between pictures on GSM Arena and those, I have no idea why

  • Sonners

The W800 camera may be better but this phone, but the N90 is a smartphone. It is richer in functionality so this is why it is more expensive. You people who like the W800 for it's camera are talking rubbish if you think that phone beats the N90. The N90 has far better video, symbian OS, a far better screen and it has 3G. I'm sorry but those people who the camera is everything need to get their facts right. Don't say the W800 is the best just because of photo quality. Remember Sony Ericsson also has the worst reliability record as Nokia is joint best with Samsung, and for those idiots who anger me every time I read the reviews saying this phone hasn't got vibration, THE PHONE HAS GOT VIBRATION!!! Why can't you people understand that. My friends got a Sony Ericsson phone and even he agrees compared to a Nokia series 60 smartphone Sony Ericsson's operating system loses every time. People have also been dissapointed with the N90 because it doesn't have an FM Radio. IT'S A 3G PHONE!!! which means you can get the FM Radio using the Internet so if you get a 3G contract you can use the Radio for free. This phone is not a loser. It is the phone with the most functions on the market today and in my eyes Sony Ericsson should be jealouse of Nokia for making this model, but no Sony Ericsson would rather design models just for selling in their millions. It started with the T610 and their latest addition is the W800. Why do they keep on designing products with good camera's but never back it up with anything else. People have called the W800 a music phone but all you get is a 512mb memory stick instead of a hard-drive. To me it sounds like they have cheated. However though the phone is still worthy of being put in the top models today becasue of the camera and music capabilities so I suppose if people don't have the money to buy the N90 they can get a W800 or K750. The only thing I have to congradulate Sony Ericsson on is the prices of their handsets.

  • DisconnectingPeople

after all the drama and delay, ironically the SE W800 beat this N90 hands down on photo quality.

Nokia, better start connecting people again.

  • alecx

no no no, it ain't unfare, the quality of w800's pictures r way better than n90's. i always was and am a nokia fan but in this case SE rulz the world of pictures :)

  • E

Oh thought your might be interested in this

Shortage reported for Nokia N90

Nokia Corp. is seeing shortages of its much-promoted N90 camera phone because of strong initial demand, reports the WSJ.

"The Nokia N90 features a digital camera with a lens from manufacturer Carl Zeiss.

The product went on sale world-wide July 20. The N90 is the first in a series of handsets designed to reinvigorate Nokia's product range at the top end of the market."

  • E

Woohoo bought the phone already after a long wait, I was gonna blow off if it did not make it this month. Purchased at Sg.Wang (KL Malaysia) for RM3.2k (USD850) on the first day (7th August) of release. Not many stores had it yet, only few authorised Nokia sellers did, thus they were selling at the price range of RM3.2k-RM3.6k(USD850-USD950). For Maxis (Msian Telcos) promotion (RM3088) the stocks are not available just yet, gotta be end of the month for pre-order and early Sept for market availability. Anyway nice phone with superb features! Whoever has got it out there, have fun with it guys!

  • Unknown

Anyone has this phone yet? Is the photo quality the same as in the review? Thanks in advance for ur info.

  • Anonymous

take a look at philips 968 mpe4 video record and it runs linux

  • hello_moto

i have been nokia user for 7 years n i used most of nokia products but sony ericsson change it all n really like their s700i,k750i n w800i n nokia n90 looks like another flop nokia 6260 n i like nokia but no style in them look at nokia fashion phone n all rubbish n expensive but trade value is low n hope nokia stop producing stupid phone n their battery power really sucks n sony ericsson rocks n connecting to sony ericsson

  • mar

have u guys written the new "camera test" btwn n90 and sony e w800

this phone is a loser....

  • naza91

im in england and i really like the phone i just have one more question about it how long does the phone video record

  • EK76

i bought the n90 today n it was a amazing phone... it took me so long to decide whther should i get this phone.. i have no regrets... the features r so cool although it was a bit pricey than others... but i really think is worth it. the photos were great looking n the videos were taken very smooth.. i have to say this phone is meant for men only...

  • N90checker

This phone was priced at $1,088 with no plan. But useless and not value for money, after reading the comment on camera test.

  • Anonymous

K750 is definately better than this HUGH phone; especially considering it's size.

Camera of the K750 is definately MUCH, MUCH better.....who care who make the camera lens when the outcome is poor quality !!

There are quite a few professional review on the web. READ THEM !!