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  • eDtaN

one more thing about this phone... the screeen itself is TFT 262,114k colours, is not 256k...

  • eDtaN

I've been working for Nokia Nseries N90 roadshow as a promoter since last month in Malaysia.

First impression of this phone was.. 'Damn it, is too big for me, and it's heavy!!! ' but well.. After promoting the phone for sometime.. I find it really nice, I don't mind buying it eventhouhg it's too big for a phone.. trust me.. is really nice

If you are really into Photo taking, or video recording, get this phone! is good!

  • Calvin

OMG~ A state-of-the-art N90 with no vibration mode? Whts wrong with Nokia? i m sort of dissapointed with this. Btw, any1 kindly suggest an alternative method to stay alert on the phone while keeping the phone ring tone shut during certain circumstances, say, in a cinema??

  • legs

ok ..ok ..ok show offs so you got your n90`s....but what i wanna know is when its coming to england ! for god`s sake why oh why are we always last for the good stuff .and does anyone know how much it will cost over here,,please please please please can someone help me.. kelv,even tho you were wrong about vibr...can you help ?....when and how much plzzzzzzzz...been waiting sooooooooow long i`m wasting away...legs

  • the two man armed

this phone is good! who cares vibration the siemens phones SUCKS! y have a siemens a56 in 1 year broke and no have anythisn...

  • EK76

Hi there, n90 finally has arrived in penang, was rather big n heavy, i was quite surprise after see it n hold it on my hand.. but some of the features r diff from wht is written in here: 128 memory card was given instead of 64mb, the sales told me tht the battery life can stand up to 10hrs talking time...( i was doubt abt the battery life at 1st) n no vibration mode for sure...

  • alejandro

@Omar: Yes you are right. Choosing a cell phone for one's self will depend primarily on the user preference. anyway the N90 is better buy for me than N91. I choose the dual screen displays, and as what they are always saying, "an insane screen resolution." I'm sure Carl Zeiss will not fail here. Taking a picture will merely base on the one whose taking it. shooting a picture is not always point and shoot. the N90 has its specialty and N91 has its own. again, choosing a phone is just a matter of personal preference. :o)

  • omar

@alejandro i want both things(digital photography,media and music) in my phone and even if the cam of n91 is not as good as that of n90(cuz of the carl zeiss lens) still it is 2mp and i think will be as good as the cam of k750(that doesnt have carl zeiss but the camera is still out of this world)so i think n91 is a better buy for me rather than n90

  • mar

no vibration mean not shakeable...

not shakeable mean this phone is gonna break into peace in lease then 1 year
(no running, no droping and etc...)

except u carry it every where like baby...

  • Sif of this Sht

I'm really sick and tired of all of you talking about Vibration! Who cares about where it has vibration or no?

$950 TO $1125

NO wonder the society is in trouble if it willing to spend $1000 for a phone
(which bytheway we don't know yet, whether will work well as a phone first or not).

  • skater42


See, the noise on the V802 compared to the GX30 is less already, and you're right: Even real Digi Cam's have it. The noise doesn't bother me really, because the higher the MPx count, the less visible it will be when you rescale the image. And a bit of photoshop for the 1.3 megapixel images does wonders.

My original post was more concerned with "Voice Noise", as we talked about the older generation handsets. I think that, with the latest codecs available, the tone quality becomes better and better and shouldn't be compared to older models for fairness' sake.
This is why the N90 has nothing in common with the 6310i other than being able to make calls etc.


  • zeferino

Oh Yes, all you out there who ask questions like how many frames per sec. on Video calling ? It is in the speed of the connection my friends. Its streaming, just like trying to watch TV on the phone as well. Good connection the streaming is fluid and the TV is as normal. So ask better questions my friends.

  • zeferino

Told you all no vibaration. But..... the ringing tone volume is louder than normal.
Big, but good phone. Nothing to complain about. Small phones have little or no features worth talking about. Next ?????? over to you nokia.

  • London Mike

Here too, and compared to the 750i at the bottom...­680

  • London Mike

Seen these latest pics taken with a N90?­828

  • tsk


yep, there are camera phones now with noise reduction features but it hasnt been perfected yet. with sharp, they just made the picture a little blury in order for the pics to be noise-reduced... oops. sory. even in the digital camera world, it hasnt been achieved yet. let's wait for someone who will be able to invent a pefect noise reduction algorithm. i'm sure, the one who will accomplish this 1st will be rich. hehe.

  • alejandro


which do you prefer? Mobile Photography (N90) or mobile audio and music (N91).

you will not find enhanced photography with the N91. And you will not be able to find enhanced audio capabilities in the N90. Best of both worlds: Buy them both. haha.

----- Omar wrote: ---------------------
its a wonderful phone probably the best available right now in the market cuz its symbian and cant be compared to ordinary phones like k750 cuz they are not symbian. but i will go for n91 when that comes to the market cuz u dont have to buy a seperate card as it has more than sufficient memo and plus has 2mp. i think its just the perfect phone

  • skater42

Oh my...

The Nokia 6310i was definatelly great, but why do you compare the two??? It's like comparing a current BMW with a 1990's model. Things have improved in quality and they will be implemented in new ones naturally. I doubt that quality from non-multimedia phones is any better. Most modern models, like the Sharp GX30 & V802, have noise-reduction you can turn on or off.

If you don't know how to use the Multimedia Applications then leave this phone alone. It's inappropriate to just write these phones off ans "toys" and "wanna be's". I have always found use for the images and functions, but I also know HOW to use them for my needs.

  • James

em...N90 is definately a great camera phone, perhaps even better than k750i!?!? don't know, but can't wait to find out.
I wonder why hasn't there been a review or comparison done on NEC has a 2mp camera that's even better than K750i's. GSM ARENA should compare N840 and N90.

  • alejandro


regarding the "no phones yet have the ability to eliminate noise". you are correct. but on the brighter side, most shots from the N90 are successfully IMO. that depending on the environment, lightings, etc. AND THE PERSON WHOSE TAKING THE PICTURES. I think you should visit this thread, the user is able to use the potential of the camera by "using it correctly" somehow.­300&posted=1#post93300

Regarding the noise, even the 8-Megapix comsumer digicam generates noise. it is due to the minimal image sensor design. No wonder why nikon's top class prosumer camera with bigger image sensors at 4.1 megapixel can rival those 8 MPs. and if you are quite conscious about the noises, chances are you cannot avoid them that easily. that is why most photographers ready their editing software for noise reduction/removal.

The N90, with its small barrel of camera has a very small image sensor that is why we cannot however expect too much from it. but with my preference, it's quite enough for an beginner or amateur photographer to use. actually the number of pixels does not matter anyway. it's merely base on quality.