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  • @ some one to help

i have upgraded to the latest software .how ever i still feel that the sound fro y left headfone of the left ear is slightly more than the right one ..

wat to do ???

  • alpha

damn i carry a night stick in my car and im black belt in karate , otherwise i would have got this phone purely for self defence purposes ............. just saw one in a shop itz so damn heavy and bulky

so ill rather go and get myself a w950 or a nokia 1112 with ipod nano , after it also haz 4 gb of memory . and yess wifi and 3g connectivity work better on my laotop any given time ..........

so u people think likewise and do smart thing not to put thiss dianasaur in ur jeans otherwise them low waisters gonna fall off

lol peace out >>>>>>>>>>

  • Bill

SAMEER, jar should be recognized - no problem. Just click on it in file manager and it should install the application. Sometimes java apps start time is much longer.


hi friend im waiting for your reply................
plzzzz help me........

  • Boditza

There is an optional 8gb micro drive

  • pappy


Ok first you will have to use the *#7370# reset. This should clear up some RIm then install the accelerator. The 7370 reset is also describe din thos tips. TIP 9


  • Aaron, Philippines

I've never updated yet to the latest sw version (my phone's current sw is 1.10) but I'm not experiencing at all the troubles I've encountered in the first week since I bought this N91-5. Sending SMS frequently is lighting fast now. My phone doesn't freeze anymore even if I use either of the two web browsers for browsing and downloading... I've already tested,,,downloading a 4MB file via Web takes not less than 6 minutes (approx. 6-7 minutes) using my operator's GPRS connection. Well, it could have been a lot faster if there's available 3G connection. The only problem I've recently encountered was a "disk error" message. When I restarted the device, there seemed to be virtually no problem at all.
The taskman says there's 45MB of total RAM but only 14MB is free after startup. Where has the 31MB gone?
I've checked the price in China-made N91 and Finland-made N91 are of the same price, approx. 26,000 Philippine pesos or 520 U.S. dollars (dunno know forex rate in euro). Well it's pretty obvious that 2nd-hand handsets are a lot cheaper. (I don't deal on those things as they were acquired and sold through theft.) I've also learned that it's hard to find a N91-1 in & in stores here in the Philippines. Most N91s being sold here are China-made N91-5.
That's all... Thanks!

  • andge

Pappy, its saying that i dont have enough memory to do this task. whats my next option.

  • dee

to pappy
thanks a lot find it already.

  • mangesh

sorry i mean to say shayn

  • mangesh

As you said i used CD DA extracter to convert the format to aac+ in my n91,but i dont know why its not working in my phone.can you tell me how to convert the format of the song as well as how to download it in n91?, the tracks are converting but it opened in nokia music manager,its not workin at all.need a help.thanks

  • pappy

Hi Andge

Two solutions

1) Step 1- download the small smsm accelerator applicatoion and install. That will solve your problem. See TIP 5

2) Eventually you will want th sw update.­-get-the-most-from-your-nokia-n91/


  • Shayn

To > Tolick

I use Easy CD-DA Extractor its better than Winamp 5.3 Pro at converting music files to AACplus.

  • andge

HELP! ive had my n91 for 6 month. lately its been telling me that my memory is full when i sent texts so i delete some messages and its all good. Now its saying that my memory is full but i have deleted everything possible. so i no longer can receive or sent message. someone please help.

  • Rey

Hi guys....I just got my N91 and IŽd like to know the best equalizer setup for the in box HS-28 headsets and your personal experience with other headphones like Sennheiser PX100, PX200 and Bose Triport.

Thanks ;o)

  • ppp

To people who complains about disk. Works just fine for me and I beat it up realy hard. My sw version is 2.1 though. I aslo use checkdisk on PC just to make sure. Not a single problem. I heard about 1.0 crashes. Well, if your PC crashes or looses power what are the odds to have your disk screwed up especially FAT?

  • Anonymous

Nikhil, nothing is wrong with your phone. 30MB is a mistake, you should have ~15-17mb available.

  • pappy

To Dee

Last time I told you to locate the N91-mtp.ini file and right click and choose install. Well I was wrong. You need to install it following the steps

So connect the N91 using the Media Player connection choice. You should get a "detected new hardware" and the wizard should come up.

1) It will ask you if you want to go search for a windows update for this device. Say NO and hit NEXT

2) Then Install from a special folder and browse and select the folder where you have the ini file. Then follow the installation

It shoud work


  • pappy

To Nikhl - Here is the link again. There is a HDD maintenance guide you can download. Note that the problems people can run into happen as well with SD cards and MMC but it easier to pop ne of them out and reformat.

Tip 4:­-get-the-most-from-your-nokia-n91/



hi friend,
I have downloaded the content from theams are good but games are in 'jar' file pls tell me how to convert it to sis for N91 plz help me friend i cant find smart movie for my mobile plz given me idea.......i have downloaded today i insalled in hard drive memory but its not opening.....given me solution...........