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  • Mman

To rouf

Where are you located and did you get your phone through an operator (O2 etc?). It could be tht your country/operator has not approved the sw yet (they will eventually im sure). For the time being 1.10 is still better than 1.00 but no WDRM.


  • claireb

Can someone tell me how to find out which sw version my phone has please. thanx

  • Rouf

Hello mangesh , Thanks for your help, i have nokia n 91-1 with wifi, i tried to update my sw and got it done but it shows 1.10.030 and i want it to be 2, the link u have provided does not exists so i downloaded it from different link, please help me out i want 2 version on my phone

  • Morne

To anupam

I know that, but i select mass storage and nothing. Windows XP does not even pick it up??????? I have tried every option...Someone help

  • mangesh

what the hell is this?. from yesterday i m trying to install a new 2.00.052 sw in my n91-5 , but its always going to unsuccesful.when i m going to open the updater box the usb connection is disconnecting aotumatically,finally when i m reaching at the last step tey says NO SOFTWARE UPDATES AVAILABLE FOR YOUR PHONE.Plz can anybody tell me these sw version is compatible for n91-1 only or what? why its happening?. help me friends.I m despirately waiting to installed it in my phone.

  • anupam


just plug the USB Cable to PC, there will be 3 options, chose DATA STORAGE MODE, you dont need any drivers/software, your N91 will automatically shows as an Removable Disk Drive in MY Computer.. (For WIN XP with Service Pack 01 or 02)

than enjoy 4gb space..


  • Anonymous

can this phone be used as a storage device with its 4gb micro?

  • pappy

To Bader

You probably could get away with no HDD format but i followed the steps. I guess just try it without doing the HDD format and if you run into problems then just repeat the steps again


  • Morne

Hi, please some one help me.
I just got my N91 but my pc doesnt pick it up when i plug it in. If tried everything that i could think of. Help.

  • Morne

Hi, please some one help me.
I just got my N91 but my pc doesnt pick it up when i plug it in. If tried everything that i could think of. Help.

  • amit

hi there
can someone xplain wat is firmware 2.00 update and how to find my current software version on the fone and from where i can download firmware 2.00 software

  • bader

2 PAPPY & Mman

hey ppl thanks for the tips but i wonder why the hdd format ur doing is nessecary and the pc suite should it be up to date????
and can the video stuff problems be solved and what where the differences that u spotted


  • mangesh

I have a n91-5, i hardly trying to installed the new firmware but always its going to be unsuccesful. i used my n91 as a modem while installing in a pc, i installed a new 6.81 pc suit,but when i m clicking on NEXT the USB connection is going to disconnect. why its happening?. plz tell me step by step how to back up and how to installed it succesfully.remember i have a n91-5. plz do reply soon.thanks

  • pappy

Hi everyone. Well its FINALLY here. You can upgrade you software at home using official, Nokia Blessed software. Thanks Mman for the heads up.

Even though I already had 2.00.052 software I wanted to give it a try - I DID and it worked great. So here is what you do (i copied Mmans steps but added my own comments)

1) Make sure you have the latest PC suite (6.81)from :, if not then install it
2) Then go to here :,1522,,00.html?ori­g=/softwareupdate, or­eupdate/1,8838,,00.html? and download the Nokia SW update app and install it (note you need 256Mbytes of RAM on your PC, my old one downstairs could not load it). I used the USA site (even though I am in the UK I thought Id try it)

3) Now backup you N91 and format HDD

a) PC suite Backup: You need to backup your N91 ROM Start up PC suite. Connect your N91 with the USB cable to the PC and on select "PC suite" connection mode on the N91 Then select the backup function in PC suite. Make sure under settings you choose "include only phone memory on your backup". Then hit backup

b) Save the HDD stuff: Copy your Music, Videos, Pictures etc from the device HDD to your PC. I simply drag and drop using USB mass storage

c) Copy an SISX themes, applications, Java Games you downloaded to the PC. Do not drag and drop the installed files to the PC (remember the Tips where dragging them back may cause a problem)

d) FORMAT your hardrive (i used quick format)

4) Now update the SW using the Nokia Software Updater.

a) Start the program but do not connect the N91 yet until it tells you to in the Getting started window ( it told me to attach a charger but my battery was full so I didn't bother)

b) Also do NOT answer calls or make a call during the process (it needs to be online for some reason so you cant switch it to offline mode, I tried and it detected it and told me to go online)

c) It told me my phone software is already up to date but if I want I can install it. This is great since I was worried it would only allow you to upgrade and lets face it with all the 3rd party apps etc sometime you just need to refresh your phone and start again. I read on one blog that a persons so called "HDD problem" was actually a case of the phone sw getting wonky with some installation, the service center reflashed the same sw and voila good as new. Now we can do it at home :). I clicked on the little box, took a deep breath and hit re-install...

d) Well it was actually smart enough to know I did not have a charger attached......anyhow I went a got the charger.

e) I have adsl and it took 12 minutes to reflash my phone. Phone rebooted and I was ready to go- brilliant

f) Then the "installing" stuff it did when I first bough the N91. I let it finish without interrupting it

g) I decided to make sure the phone C drive was clean so I did the *#7370# (code 12345)
h) After the re-boot I checked the SW *#0000# - and I was back at 2.00.52 :)

5) Okay now restore your phone ROM from PC suite
a) Start up PC suite and connect your N91 (select PC suite mode)
b) Select the backup function again
c)Select the restore button and highlight the backup you want to restore. Hit OK

6) I then copied my HDD contents back on and re-installed the few apps I had (podcast etc, themes). This took me about 40 minutes

So in less than one hour I had cleaned up my N91. Reflashed it and its as good a new. Now when they have a new version of sw (or I need to clean it up for real) I can do it again. So for everyone out there that still has 1.00, 1.10 etc
try it out (note I suspect that not all operator sw will be there straight away there always seems to be a lag there but keep trying)


  • tahir

wat i wud say about dat phone i hav bought dat phone recently & wat i fonud is dat i hav purchase dat costly music system dir is the worst phone i ever hav.

  • mangesh

plz i need ur help, I have a n 91-5, i was trying to installed new firmwarebut its going to unsuccesful. first thing i dont which pc suit version i have?, how to cum to know or from where i'll get it?. second thing i used my n 91 as a modem while the update process ,i choosed UPDATE FROM PC i followed all instructions well, after20 min. the instalation has been complited, but i dont understand the shortcut is appeared on a desktop when i clicked on it i followed all three steps but lastely it says its not compatible to ur phone. plz do help me i m despirately trying to get a new versin. why its happening? waiting for the reply eagerly

  • Anonymous

Jesus. This phone is the s*** after the upgrade. The sound is so crisp and clear witht he headset. I love this f***in phone now!! Thank you Nokia!!! I thought this thing was a waste of money when I first bought it, but now with the new firmware and all the bugs fixed, I couldn't be any more happy with my decision to get this phone.

  • Mman

To bader, pappy Shayne

I just upgraded my N91 with the official SW from Nokia and its GREAT!. Now I can update my own N91 when new Sw comes or refresh my device if somehow I screw it up:

Bader the 256MB is what your PC must have in RAM. My older PC got the same message and I had to use my newer laptop.

Pappy try it out! Info:

1) Make sure you have the latest PC suite (6.81)from :, or other local regional sites.

2) Install the Nokia software update application sw from (note you need 256MBytes of RAM on your PC)

3) Then program your phone

a) Backup your phone memory (ROM) using PC suite (to preserve your DRM activation keys etc).

b) Copy your files (Music, Videos, Documents, Images etc) from the device HDD to your PC (recommended to use USB Mass storage).

c) Copy your applications, themes etc (original SISX, Java etc files before you installed them) from your HDD to your PC (Do not simply copy the installed directories/files over)

d) FORMAT your HDD

e) Proceed with SW update (note you need to be attached to a charger and not in offline mode. Do not answer or make call or disconnect the device during this process)

f) Reset your phone memory by typing *#7370# (code 12345) (recommend this just to be safe)

g) Restore your phone memory using PC suite

h) Copy back your HDD contents from your PC to your clean HDD

h) Re-install your applications/themes


  • Priya

Awesome Picture clarity

  • bader

2 Shayn

thanxxx for the tip, but if u want 2 get through with it u should answer me to the following question taking in consideration that i have downloaded the file but when i opened it they ordered the driver cable then it was installed and later the installation wizard was on and while it was preparing to use the windows installer the following message appeared "THE MINIMUM REQUIRMENT SHOULD BE 256 MB" taking in consideration tha i have more than a giga which is empty on both n91 and pc hdd so i tried it on an other computer the same steps where taken and at last i had the same result so would u please helppppppppppppppppp\\