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  • Lev

To fatz,

It was deffinetly a scam, ebay removed the item allready:
This listing (#200004469806) has been removed or is no longer available. Please make sure you entered the right item number. Got to watch out, I lost serious $ on ebay...

  • J

Which phone is the best: N70 or N91?

Does N70 makes better pcitures?

Which phones has the best colourscreen?

  • fatz

do you guys think this is a scam?­=010&item=200004469806&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AME­WA%3AIT&rd=1
I have been in serious contact with him, and he insists it is not a scam. I offered to pay through but he says no. If this is for real, its an awesome deal. But its likely too good to be true. Any opinions will be greatly appreciated.

  • pappy

N91 wins STUFF magazine super test. Once again the sound quality is king­test_1.html


  • pappy

To baderb

WHOOOOSH? Never heard of that. What are you doing when you hear the WOOOOSH. Phone call. Listening to Music?


  • pappy

1) The N91-1 works on GSM.

2) Currently the only way to get the new SW is to go to a Nokia Service Centre but I have heard rumors of over the internet updates coming this year for future sw


  • Mark

Can anyone tell me if the WCDMA version (N91-1) will work on GSM too?

I tried a GSM version today, all good but no WLAN.


  • Lev

To pappy

forgot to ask if there is any way to upgrade to SW 1.10 ?? Or Nokia Service center is the only way ? Thanks.

  • Lev

Thanks pappy.
*#0000# brings up this:
I don't use the video camera for conferencing, there is no 3G in the Eastern US region.
Don't have bluetooth devices.
Will check the WLAN option. Also under the battery symbol there is a littel arrow in a tray. What is that ? Thanks for your help.

  • baderb

hi guys today i faced a problem with my n91 and i wish 2 know if it happened with any body and on what part of the mobile::::

while i was talking i heared and kept hearing a big WWOOOOOOSH

and i think its from the antenna

any kind reply to be on yo my e-mail


  • pappy

To Lev

1) I fond the new SW 1.10 improved battery life in general. Press *#0000# and see what you sw is.

2) If you only care about 2G then switch the phone from Dual mode to GSM. LAo if you have a new or inffecient wcdam network then do the same unless you need 3G.

3) Make sure you have not set you WLAN to show availability or it will ake up evey few minutes and transmit.

4) Turn bluetooth off unless you are specifically using it with an accessory or laptop.


  • pappy


The new S60 edition 3 has a new sercure operating system and unless a SIS file has been "signed" for this it will not run. The good news is that most companies have or are creating signed versions of their files (uaually with sisx extension) the bad news is most of them you have to buy again. Its like what happened to many smaller programs when MSFT moved to XP. This effects the N91, N92, N93, N71, N80, E60, E70 etc ll S60 Edition 3(Symbian 9) or higher.

Check out this

and look around they have some links to SIS/SISX for N91.

To SHakeel - N93 etc all have the same S60 will be waiting along time for Nokia to drop that.


  • SHaKeeL

I have sold that set that was Fort of problems for me was hanging agian and agin i had 167 songs but Automaticly renamed as default Automaticly turns off maximum after 2days themes was not working in it
That was not a bad set but i m very dishearted by interface of Nokia
N70 N80 Nokia 3250, now N91 same interface same menu
Lot of sofwares are avialable for N70 but not for N91
N91 Mp3 sound was very good

But kindly Nokia have to change interface

Thanks Pappy for help hope so we will meet agian as Nokia will release N93 ya any other good set if the Phone book will not create problems for me

  • Lev

Hey guys. I got the N91 a couple of weeks ago and to my surprise the battery life simply just sucks. I get about 2 days out of a full charge without playing music or browsing. Am I the only one with this problem? I know it takes a lot of juice to power that huge color screen, but 2 days? The worst battery life of any phone I had sofar. Maybe after a few total discharges and recharges the battery will improve but I doubt. Thanks for your attention.

  • Milin

hi guys,

i have this new N91-5 but i m not able to install any of the .sis softwaress on it.its giving me error that the software is not supported.guys,please let me know what to do?its just 3 days old mobile.

  • jg

anyone know if the n91 have a2dp?

  • Geospi

Hey! guys , I AM SERIOUSLY SERIOUS about this phone. Guess wat ? Its awesome. I hav found great themes on .
The set is better wid BOSE and the blutut is grrreat. The cost is ruthless, but if you r willing to spend this much then its worth waiting for the SE P990i .

  • pappy

To Scott

Ok thats the right SW.

As I mentioned these are like computers. In a recent Wired article I read (N91, N80, SE900, etc) and like computers they will choke once and a while (like Microsoft on your PC). Each generation will get better but Nokia, Motorola, SE try and balance the desire for a 100% reliable device and a full computer/musicplayer/video recorder in the pocket. In short the device will crash once and a while (I have to push mine really hard - play music, start WLAN braowsing, end send an SMS, etc ). Users have to get accept this to some degree as these "computers" grow. The article went on to say that these devices have millions of lines of software and even if they test it over and over its not until you get a device in the hands of millions of people that certain use case bugs are shown. Maybe its an excuse by Nokia, SE, Motorola etc but since the PC world follows a similar path I tend to believe it.

What exactly were you doing? I ask because it depends on the use case.And once you know the way you use a device most often then you can decide which device is good for you.


  • Khader

Hello felows,

after a HUGE confusion area of what is good and what is bad framkly i'm lost in here i need a frank advice from you guys...

i'm trippin between N91 and N80, if we collect disadvantages they are almost balanced between these two models, and my major interest is to have a Mobile without which one is the best to buy....?

  • Jana

I found that with the newly released Roadsync for symbian series 60, N91 can also sync with Microsoft Exchange server to receive push emails just like E60 or E61.