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  • Scott

To Pappy:

it says:

N91 (50.01)

Dont know what to do now, should i get another N91 or try out the N80 ?

  • Jana

Hello Mangesh,

Sorry I couldn't reply you earlier. Just buy Bose triport without a doubt. If you have N91, they give about Rs 1500 off. Net landed price is Rs. 6200. You have to hear it to believe it. Sound is far far better than the supplied earphones. Just no comparison. Just remember to deactivate the Bass boost on N91.

  • mangesh

hi raashid,
if u like to listen a high quality music then buy one n91. everything is well and good except hanging problem of the device,but its ok. if it is possible buy bose triport headphone, i tell u u'll be surprised bcauze its a finest sound quality of n91.i dont think buy one i think you wont disappoint.

  • qwe

to pappy

msg is set to phone memory already.
phone version is


  • Raashid

can anyone please give me adivice on this phone, is it worth buying or not... reply asap please. thanks

  • pappy

To Scott

Curious - when you say latest software are you SURE it was 1.10? By the way the N80 and N91 some from the same symbian software S60 and the same version. Also I heard N80 software updates are behind N91 so you may get less than you think.


  • AK

Hey guys can anyone help me looking for themes for N91 ?

  • Scott

Well this is my 2nd replacement handset now and this is going back as well ! It freezes too much, the sound when using the headset is superb, without sucks ! my K750i is MUCH louder than the N91.

Going to swap for the N80 now.......1 faulty N91 i can understand but not 2, and this one has the latest software/firmware as well..

  • Rouf

got mine today, ummm good sound with head set loudspk sucks very low, super video lovin it, hangs at times dont know why, chked wifi workin cool, lovin this fone


hi guys today i faced a problem with my n91 and i wish 2 know if it happened with any body and on what part of the mobile::::

while i was talking i heared and kept hearing a big WWOOOOOOSH

and i think its from the antenna

any kind reply to be on yo my e-mail


  • Anonymous

does it hang a lot. or any other kind of promlem except the sound quality.


  • mangesh

hey rafiq, r u kidding with us?, bcauze i tried that site several time, but they said this site is not available. what it is?

  • pappy

To DAwood

No. The Sound quality is very HIGH and its also 2X as loud as SE. There was a review with the N91, IPOD and SE910 and it won the Audio portion. Actually SE did not even have "good enough software" to even run the audio test...sounds like troble to me from SE


  • Dawood

The Sound quality is very low.i have se w900 and i will bought N91 but the sound quality is a problem.that's right?

  • Anonymous

is ther any problems in the n91.
does it hang or any kind of problem in the phone. pls reply


  • rafik

For everyone, to download a theme for your nokia N-91:
1. visit
2. rigister yourself (for free).
Enjoy yourself.

  • SHaKeeL

Would some1 like to tell me themes r applying in his mobile with the version 1.028 or which site from He download the themes

  • Amit

I just check with Nokia Care India & the latest version in India is v1.00.028.14(RM-43). This is the best version in Mumbai & my phone never freezes

  • pappy


I cancelled my service with Orange Friday and went with Vodafone. Orange have a lousy attempt at a Music Service, rude customer service people, poor connectivity etc. I encourage all N91 users to avoid Orange like the plaque and if in the UK go with Vodafone or even O2.


  • pappy

Upgrade SW

Hi I was told if you want to upgrade the sw you want is 1.10.xx (unless you are in France where you want 1.11.xx). The last two numbers 030,028 etc are not the versions is something to do with language is the first 1.10