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  • mangesh

hi jaana,
r u using the BOSE triport headphone with n91?. plz tell me hows the sound quality? is it much more better than our headphone which is provided with n91?. can u tell me the cost of original BOSE triport headphone? b cauze nokia is also recomended the BOSE headphone.plz do reply fast. thanks in advance

  • DaveyBoy

Took it onto the shop floor for a demo. it's retailing in ireland for e620 sim free, e299 on a high bill, AND.....

I SOLD 5 in 2 hours!!

The Live8 thing and the mp3 player really sell the phone

  • mangesh

i m surprised,how can that possible?,bcauze i always open this site to download the material. r u sure that u r logging correctely?. listen this site taking more time to open means 10 to 15 min. . after that u have to do all those things whatever i told to do. i m downloading almost all themes in my n91,and they all r working properly,so no problem at all. plz try again and just wait and watch. suppose if those themes will not work on ur device then i think something is going wrong with uur device. try soon.

  • SHaKeeL 0300-8730505

Hi Mangesh

The site is still not opening i will try again r u sure these themes will work? I m telling u the site plz try and inform this site themes applying in ur mobile ya creating prblem only in mine

  • mangesh

if ur first priority is a music then go for it,but remember i think n91's music quality is not so good as se walkmann series,i agreed the sound in a headphone is loud than any walkman series,but when the music is set for a max volume the sound is producing bit noisy,and more important thing is all n91 got the hanging problems. think twicely before buying that.

  • Sarah

Wait until this site offers you a theme

  • Jana


I did all that. It is asking me for some scratch code. What is that?

  • Jana

Brother ifee

This phone rocks. The sound quality is amazing even with the standard earphones. If you use Bose triport headphones it really rocks. The phone is a little slow. It feels good to see and to hold. The finish is damn good.The display is lower resolution. There is no hardware camera button. No flash. Daylight pictures are good. Decide whether your priority is PDA, music or photography. If PDA, then my recommendation would be E61. If music, then N91. If photos, then N90 or SE K750i.

  • Anonymous

do you have a system for retrieving info from the memory card similar to the contacts menu like moving from files with for eg letter A to lets say letter H without having to scroll down through the entire file on the memory card. i had that problem with the my 6230i

  • mangesh

i think u r in so hurry, wait for some time ,this site take several minutes to open,when the site will open first of all register ur account in the forum which is in right side,its completely free , but more important is dont forget to mention ur device means nokia n91. otherwise u will get corrept files. u have download 15 themes in a day, but all themes are superb,so dont west time, and plz wait for several minutes.i hope it will be work on ur device my friend.

go for that whatever i said earlier, and if u want to activate ur build songs then first of all u must have to activate ur activation keys. for that click on song then u will go to web connectin directely, from there u have to choose ur connection type and after that go to activation u will get the keys,its take much more time to progress.

  • brother ifee

i want to buy this fone but confused bcuz of its camera flash and themes? can u ppl advice.. but the thing from i was attracted was its memory and music player.. so wat shud i do.. im so confused as always.. :( take gud care of ur slfs..

  • Naeem

how do i get videos to m4a format?cant someone please tell me..thanks

  • SHaKeeL

I dont understand y the N91 creating problems in themes me download near about 40themes but nun of them is applying


This site is not opening :-(


If u got any solution pleez inform me

  • riz

my phone is version is


how do i upgrade to 1.00.30...plz help??

  • robby

hi frnds.i am thinking 2 buy n91 but i want 2 know that tht does the new version 1.10 have any problem in gallery and setting themes or any other problem please e-mail me at will be very thankful. THANXXXXXXX................

  • Jana

I have the same problem with themes as Shakeel has said and the same firmware. Also can anyone tell me how to activate the in-built songs in N91.

  • Anonymous

QUESTION!! can i video call from the n91? if so.. where's the 2nd camera??

  • pappy

To Qwe

Do you have the message memory set for HDD? Maybe try setting it back to the phone memory
Also what Sw version ar eyou using (type in *#0000#)


  • mangesh

hey shakeel, if u wanna a proper and lots of themes means near about 800 themes then go for this link­/page1.jsp

  • qwe

guys evrytime i send a text message i have to wait for like 10 to 20 seconds bfore it goes back to the main menu. please help. im starting to get pissed with my n91=(