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  • SHaKeeL 0300-8730505

Thaks Pappy

Here form me download the themes but not working ( Service center is 500km here from i will go in next week then i will inform u but thats my second N91 themes not working in It if u have any site address please would u like to tell me and also try mine ;-)

Thanks Again

  • John Hudson

Hi you guys, I've FINALLY gotten my N91 and it's GREAT! I love it!! But it could be better, I would like the music keys, volume controls and the menu buttons to light up so that they can been seen easily at night. Also, a pop-port connector would be great as well! I have my doubts about that tiny little charging socket. Why did they change it? Apart from these it's awesome!

  • raj

honestly speaking who would pay this much for something this ugly i can understand technology it has all of the best but it has no form and to much function raj 1

  • Wesley

you can upgrade your sw at home via the usb cable you got with your n91!

at the minute i cant seem to find the latest but it should be soon available!

  • Amr

hey guys i got my N91 for a month now and i have a problem with the gallery the songs are not organized in folders and it takes about 1 minute to open the gallery!! beside the themes problem which i guess every1 knows about it
BTW i have the old version
so is this problem solved in the New version 1.10 or what?
because it is very annoying to wait for one minute just to open the gallery!!

  • Pappy

To ShAKeel

The themes you use must be designed for the S60 3.0 and the N91 screen. Try to download the thesmes that you can access through the WAP bwroser (browser called services). They should work. Also I recommend that people (you too) go get the latest software 1.10 from the Nokia center. Like a computer these complicated devices need upgrades from time to time as more peopl use them. SOmeday soon I hope we can update our sofwwatr at home. The N91 has a USB port just asking to e used as a SW update tool :)

PS: BACKUP your HDD and your Phone memory using PC suite before you go to the service centre. The service centre I went too offered free coffee and tea (no beer :()



i'm using it since last's an outrageous fone but it does have a serious disadvantage that it doesn't have flash which makes the picture quality very poor.

  • Zuko

Ello all.
its time to upgrade again, but so many choices. in want a music fone so i had a look @ the Sony W900 and W810i and then went accross the road to check out the N91. and here are the cons of all fones

W900 - WOW what a brick, it looks like wen this is in my pocket im "happy" to see any1. then open it up, u could use it as a shoe horn. But hey its got 3G

W810i - nice size, with nice features, not alot of bad things 2 say really. would be better with a slide and 3G. screen is quite small.

N91 - Looks good on paper, then go and have a look. not as big as the W900 but a brick in its own right. slider seems very flimsy and it reveals buttons that i could use, if i was a toddler, ie there very small. But on a good note it has exellent sound quality, better than both Sonys. and its 3G.

So now i dnt know what to buy, should i just hold on to my V3i for now and wait till something better comes along. SOME ADVISE PLEASE...... CHEERS.

  • Anonymous

hi guys ihave question i dont know how does the 3g works?

  • N91

Hi Hassan Check out the Nokia Homepage for the N91 downloads for the Phone software

  • Scott

I got the N91-1 last week and had to send it back due to bd freezing, i got the new replacement today with the latest software, and it still freezes at times when trying to access the menu's.

  • Hassan

Hi guys,
Actually i just have a question regarding the pc suite software. i am using a MAC and i am not sure how to connect my phone to the pc. is there any Mac suite version?

  • Basu

I bought N91 last week,mp3 sound is good but fm radio does nt have good effect and also camera clarity is very poor,i think 6270 has excellent camera clarity

  • MCD

Does anyone knows how many minutes voice recording can N91 make?Is it unlimited?

  • SHaKeeL 0300-8730506

Hi Pappy Hope so u will b fine

Pappy one more help please

themes r not working in my phone when i goes to apply the themes it set goes to default theme thanks in advance

and my phone version is




  • Indra

I dont know why N91 right now is different with the prototype what i tried last august.the prototype have light sensor but right now nokia release N91 without the sensor, will nokia will release N91i?

  • N91 Boi

Can anydody here know where i can N91 originall Videos & songs they were preinstalled in phone i've formated hd so i'll need that stuff ? any ?

  • ben

Mass Storage not working
I have had no problems with the phone at all, however this morning I
got the issue reported about Finder crashing when copying files to
the phone (I was copying some album art images at the time). Anyway,
it seemed that there was a folder left there after I had to relaunch
Finder, which was corrupted. I could not delete this via the phone or
via Bluetooth, so decided to reformat the drive (Full Format not
Quick), however since then when selecting the 'Mass Storage' option
when connecting the USB cable, it reports that it cannot read the
drive and needs to be formatted. Normally you would think this would
be a HDD problem, however I can transfer music with no problems using
the Music Manager, as well as being able to drop files on it via
Bluetooth, however no dice when it comes to mounting the drive on the
desktop as Mass Storage.
FYI - I tired it on a PC (in case) and it also reported the drive as
not being formatted there as well.
I am going to get it looked at via the local Nokia specialist, who
will upate the firmware, but what is weird, was that it was working
this morning! And also, did the format as well! I don't really want
to do a full factory reset, but we shall see. I will update you as I go.
Cannot find anyone else online who has had this issue!

  • johm

I’ve been following your blog and commenting for a while now and I
have finally hit upon a set of problems that I can find no resolution
for and am hoping that the community of readers can help with!
1. No media, pictures/videos/tracks/sound clips show up in the Gallery
option anymore. Even though I can see the pictures/videos/tracks/sound
clips using the File Manager and they have all been stored in the
default locations.
2. Every time I turn the phone off and turn it back on, I get a
message saying that it was “Unable to complete installation from hard
drive. To install remaining applications please use the Application
Manager.” Now in the App. Mngr. the only program is the Nokia Life
Blog that I have installed and uninstalled but the installation file
remains and I cannot delete it.
3. Sending an SMS is a painful process. It take close to 3 minutes for
the phone to be usable after you press the send button.
4. The Contacts application randomly exits and restarts.
It, like Windows XP (thankfully I use a Powerbook at work!), needs to
be rebooted once a day for best effect.
Any and all suggestions would be welcome!

  • Mahesh

Hello Mangesh
I am thinking of buying either N71 or N-91-5.Not so sure.Any idea what difference does absence of WCDMA makes.In case of WLAN I feel we cannot internet in WiFi mode.
What do you think is a good choice between N71 or N80 or N91-5.Please mail maheshmakhija@rediffmail,com