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  • johm

I’ve been following your blog and commenting for a while now and I
have finally hit upon a set of problems that I can find no resolution
for and am hoping that the community of readers can help with!
1. No media, pictures/videos/tracks/sound clips show up in the Gallery
option anymore. Even though I can see the pictures/videos/tracks/sound
clips using the File Manager and they have all been stored in the
default locations.
2. Every time I turn the phone off and turn it back on, I get a
message saying that it was “Unable to complete installation from hard
drive. To install remaining applications please use the Application
Manager.” Now in the App. Mngr. the only program is the Nokia Life
Blog that I have installed and uninstalled but the installation file
remains and I cannot delete it.
3. Sending an SMS is a painful process. It take close to 3 minutes for
the phone to be usable after you press the send button.
4. The Contacts application randomly exits and restarts.
It, like Windows XP (thankfully I use a Powerbook at work!), needs to
be rebooted once a day for best effect.
Any and all suggestions would be welcome!

  • Mahesh

Hello Mangesh
I am thinking of buying either N71 or N-91-5.Not so sure.Any idea what difference does absence of WCDMA makes.In case of WLAN I feel we cannot internet in WiFi mode.
What do you think is a good choice between N71 or N80 or N91-5.Please mail maheshmakhija@rediffmail,com

  • Peh

hello all expert!

I'd like to know if nokia N91 is good to buy. Does it have any problem so far? Is the software working properly?

I've always used Nokia but I see the design of Samsung D820 and I think it looks cool and the price is much cheaper in Thailand.

Can anyone tell me which one is best to buy between N91 and Samsung D820 and which is the best between N series?

Thank you very much

  • mangesh

hello mahesh, nokia invented only two edition and third one is invented by me. i m kidding,sorry its my mistake i thought there is three edition, i was wrong. u r asking me about the price, n91-1 is at 29,650 rs in india and n91-5 is at 27,500 rs cost. i m using n91-5, this edition is also having hanging problem twicely in a day. which one u r using and do u have that problem? any idea about this problem. thanks.

  • lcuk

Went to Nokia centre at Woodland, I guess as usual, they just upgrade the firmware to give me an answer that they do something....

Moreover, battery life is not as good as claim by review in the net

Ie. 4 hours of music / some calls / some messages over 3 days = recharge? Or whatever.

The nokia website says 12.5 hours of music playback, im guessing this is without much other use of the phone during this period. Even without much use is 12.5 hours an accurate representation?

  • lcuk

just my luck to have this phone.

1) Phone auto-reboot for no reason

2) After taking picture, it did not save into the hardisk n cannot find the file.... this is similar to the case of Nokia 6680 where image cannot save in its memory card

3) For no reason, phone power down itself

4) Slow, very slow.... Wonder why Symbian 9 for this phone is so slow..

5) Music organiser is lousy, very lousy and not user friendly

My hard earn $ just to buy a phone with a bug...

  • Ken

hi everyone, please help, does anybody know which video format should I convert my video file to play it in my N91? Or which software can convert my avi video so that my N91 can play it. Please help

  • Mahesh

The only difference between the 2 Nokia N 91's i.e N 91-1 and N 91-5 is the absence of WLAN & WCDMA in the N 91-5.I hope 3G is available in N 91-5.
As per your post in GSMarena you have stated there are 3 version of N-91's.Can you elaborate on the third N-91.
I am a GSM Mobile user and I feel the absence of WCDMA will be irrelevant to GSM system.Please correct me.

Any Idea what is the Best Buy Price you can get the N 91-1 and N 91-5.
Please do let me know.

  • mangesh

hello shakeel, much more difference between n91-1and n91-5, in connectivity dept. n91-5 dosent support wlan and wifi. instead of that n91-1 sopport well, but from my point of view n91-5 is much faster than n91-1,the firmware is bit improved in latest edition,thats why its going faster and good,i bought n91-5 before couple of days, but piece is hanged twicely but as compare to n91-5 this is negleseble.what u say?.

  • Anonymous

the N91 also comes in brown

  • Anonymous

Hi Pappy
has the stability and various things improved since the firmware upgrade you had?
is it still slow when going through Menus etc?
im getting my update with new firmware tomorrow :-)

  • pappy


Regrading "what N91 do you have"

I have the N91-1. WCDMA one , blueish chrome color, bought it with 1.00.28 now have 1.10.30 sw (and love it!). Bought it retail



  • dee

this can't be 3G coz it doesn't have a camera up front so the person you're talking to can't see you.

  • Anonymous

just got N91 ..have treo 8910i and 6310i all work fine...N91 DAM GOOD

  • Aerts

hi every1...pappy what model of n91 do u have??

  • Anonymous

i work for o2 and no it doesnt come in any different colours.
hope the firmware solves the issue for it. personally i wouldnt go for this phone as there is several complaints about the symbian operating system compatibility with the n91.

  • SHaKeeL 0300-8730505

What is the diffirence In N91-1 N91-5?

  • Anonymous

To anyone from 02, can you help me?
do the Nokia N91 come in ANY different colours other than the Silver one?
i have a 2nd Replacement N91 arriving tomorrow, i got sick of the freezing and having to reboot the thing! im gonna get the Firmware upgraded straight away..
going to a Service Centre in Northamptonshire, they have Version 1.10 to put onto it for me... its apparently more stable and stops all this crap completely

  • marh_1


I hit the *#0000# on my N91-5 and got
1.10.30 as the version number. Could it be that the N91-1 went out first with the older SW 1.00.28 and the N91-5 has the later sw? It seems all people have to do is get the latest 1.10 software for their N91-1 like some people have already done.


  • Ismail

Hi Eyery1,
its just been 10 days i am using this phone and according to me it's seriously got a problem of freezing up atleast every 4 to 5 hours... the music quality on a ear phone is cool and rest alll options are ok .. but the freezing part really sucks ...