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  • Amit

Pappy- Which one should I go for??? I am in India...The N91-5 costs me 600(USD) & the N91-1 costs 725USD. My bro has a N91-1 & it has no problems except at times it is slow. Please assist...Anyone else who is expert as well pls comment

  • mangesh

hi nokia n-91,n91-1,n91-5 user. three edition of n91,great,there is no difference between n91 and n91-5,everything is same,but there is a so much difference in n-91-5. r u observing that first two edition has much slower and they have a software problem instead of that n91-5 is much better than of those,becauze it doesent support wifi-wlan,thats why it is more faster than first two and having a miner problem with sofrware. i think nokia has decided to go with n91-5 edition,becauze they doesent got a good reply from those edition. nokia u have to improve ue self by day by day,thanks

  • Pappy

Im posting this using my n91 using the browser over wlan in a pub:) the video problem may be due to videos that are sampled too high and are choking the real player. Check the faq link i posted a while back. As for the record time- 1 hour is the limit in software it seems. Then you need to start another video recording file if you want longer than that. I have taken a 50 min video no problem and plenty of battery left. Pappy

  • Anonymous

hi i just wanna know if how many mins u could record a video in this n91 ?thanks!!!

  • J

What is the max. video play time?
I have transferred mp4 movies to my n91, but it only plays for a little over 14 mins.
Actually, the problem is not from the phone itself, but from the installed Nokia software.

Anyone else have this problem?

Any suggestions? Thanks,...

Othe then that, this is an awesome phone.

  • pappy

Latest Firmware should be available at your Nokia service centres - example for UK use this link (I used this),,94212,00.html

You know I did not have alot of problems with 1.00.28 however some people who installed some files (which ofcourse you are SUPPOSED to be able to do with an open O/S like Symbian) had some issues like 'freezing" etc.

I suggest people back up their HardDrives, reformat them, restore factory settings (or they can do it) - start claen and get the latest software 1.10.30 (the guy told me about a 1.11 for france - I assured him I am NOT French).

So far no crashes!


  • CJ

I bought this phone 2 weeks ago, and ever since I've experienced problems. Problems such as while i am trying to make a call suddenly the phone just freezes and then i have to turn it on an off again. I have to do like this atleast twice a day. It may look nice but I really think there are other phones out there better than this one.

  • cris

i really like this phone its so manly!!

  • kurtercy

guys where can i get latest firware mine is v

  • pappy

N91-5 and N91-1, N91

There are three models.

N91-1: WCDMA and WLAN
N91-5: GSM no WLAN
N91: GSM no WLAN

Talk of N91-1 being unstable, stopped production is BS. I have the n91-1 (with the new firmware I just got upgraded 1.10.30 :)
its WLAN and 3G

N91-5 Has no WLAN and no GSM. Its because its CHEAPER. No WLAN or WCDMA chaips,less royalties etc. Its for people who do not care about WLAN and WCDMA.

N91. This one is a bit odd it is in China only. It may be that 3G and WLAN are not allowed in China in hand held devices yet - and its cheaper

So there ya go. Pick the one that suits yoru budget (if its avail where you live, thee are no GSM versions in the UK)


PS: About FM radio - yes it directly to the device as long as you have heaphones attached (antenna)

  • khan

OH ma GOd wht the mobile is this i canr believe it,i'll be buyin it im in Pakistan

  • Niranjan

Hello GUYZ,
i have few queries pertaining to nokia N91.
1.Does it recoeds radio broadcasts directly into the deice itsel?
2.I heard there r 2 models of N91:-N91 and N91-5?which is better n why?
3.Doesnt n91-5 have 3G n Wi-Fi?
please answer these guyz


people the n91 is a very good phone with the most advance technology in the in the market but but but.... rember that a phone that has 4gigabyte of memory with a 2 megapix camera and surrporting 3g networks just know that its going to be the slowest phone u can find 2day but its a goooood phone fir music and media luvers

nokia southern hemisphere

  • aditya

i own a nokia n 91 -1 ie with w-lan the company has launched n91 -5 without wifi/wlan n91-1 is not stable this is what the company officals says .and the new handset is more stable and has a better firmware ...they hav stopped the production of n91-1 with wifi

  • grimlock

hey I just buy a n91-1 for me its an incredible phone anyway I wanted to buy one for my sister so y went to the store and buy one but what do you now it was an n91-5 yes its suposed to be better but it doesnt have wi fi it kind of weird because its the same phone anyway I finnish buying for my sister the n80 only for the wifi so my question is why mi n91-1 has wifi and the other n91-5 doesnt it doesnt make any sense...

  • N91

To all that Moan about Battery Life Buy some Spare Batterys on that Bidding Web Site Thing I Have 5.... 2 from old phones but used the same Battery. I keep 1 with me all the time three at home charged so there we go No Probs

  • Anonymous

The battery that comes with the nokia n91 is a Li-Ion (BL-5C) 900 mAh and its talk time is 4hours as well as standby time being 190 hours.Why cant nokia just give it a bigger battery, like 1200 mah.


iam having nokia n91.....
i think its a great mobile which i had b4...
its camera is toooo good and it zoom for long .....
its music it too high and mainly its too sexy in its look....very superb in looks , cant tell in words....
but its battery backup is not long ,its too short ,may be 1 day .....i have 2 charge d mobile daily....its quite horrible

  • pappy

Battery Life

Hi I can only say what my own experience has been. (all starting with "battery full" batteries)

Music playback 9-101/2 Hrs it Depends on how often you navigate in th eMusic player (turn backlight on). Cant have Bluetooth or WLAn on, volme at about 50-60% (shich is loud enough thrus me:)

Video Playback: I watched aboyt 4 hours (two full length movies - see the FAQ link aI gave before on how tp rip these - of course whether its legal or not is not up to me :))

WLAN surfing: 5 Hrs opening web pages,, some streaming of sports etc

Talk, Stby: Id say aboyt 3-4Hrs and stby 4+ days.

Note however these are one thing at a time. Its when you start mixing things that you will end up recharging every 2 days or so. Its really a computer, IPOD and phone all rolled into one so "normal use" for an N91, N80, SE900 is "abnormal use" for a phone. I dont see it as an issue

Note: I have seen a situation where the WCDMA network is not optmised and the device seems to keep trying to say "wcdma are you there?" especially when I use my GSM SIM. I say get a newer SIM or set the devices to GSM only if you do not want the 3G.


  • Anonymous

why will no one say what the battery life is like. is it that bad.