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  • shawn

I guess my choice is clear N91 it is. I read all the comments and not 1 said that they hate this phone. Everyone loves it , so screw the N80 lol


hi will this phone be available in t-mobile or work with t-mobile when its unblocked, and can is there any other phones better the this or is this this 1 of the best???.


  • Anonymous

Hey people, just wanted to ask people status with its battery. purely for music how long does it last and also with like a 20 min call, 5 sms and music how long does it last for. If possible pelase answers in hours instead of days. Cheers

  • Alex

I have no any comment, but i would like to know the Camera Quanlity of N91 is good to take the photo at night? Because i looked around it has no Flash embeded, It has any function to take the photo at night?
Please tell me about that... THANKS.
PS: What about the price?

  • ZAC

i got the problem, that should i buy k800 or n91 =. i like both camera and music in phone.currently iam using n90.n91 has wi-fi so i can use internet on it fast and free.. so need some help in deciding.

  • SHaKeeL 0300-8730505

Pappy thx for reply

anyway thats the not problem as i have to worried about that but the thing is Mobile's r the purpose to satisfy us as we want

Nokia is Nokia

SE is SE

i used P-series thats good but in Nokia there is only two sets in UIQ 7710 or 6780 but i like 910i thats good
NOkis is making all the sets no diffirence in interface look at N70 N80 Now 91 i m not saying these r bads but no change enhance features in Nokia N91 Memory or sound but sound quality u can compare with P910i thats the not main thing otherwise Nokia is not Bad
Friendly user Nokia is

Nokia team have to change in Interface or some thing new in UIQ

in the End

I like one thing in u U know lot much then others

  • pappy

Black or Dark Grey as the box says is available in APAC and China only. The metal is still silver but the window and slide etc are black


  • inquzita

Im thinking of getting the N91. But just wonderimg can I get it anywhere in black like it was shown long time ago. The silver shiny colour is good but black is better.Thanks:>

  • pappy

To people whowant to convert videos to teh device. Check out the FAQ page enter Videos in search,,91861,00.html

Use the FAQ search linke lower down not the tab at the top.

PS : To phil the N91 IS a top qiality MP3 player and has all the FFWD, RWND, etc.

PPS: About Music playback. I get 10+Hrs if I am playing MP3s, at a bit above half volume, I dont keep selecting songs (that truns the backlight on alot) and I am not in Dual Mode (I us GSM only or WCDMA only). Also no Bluetooth on!

  • pappy


Not sure exactly what you are talking about but in the end if you are having trouble (ie some data is changed) sending a contact from

a) N91 to another Nokia Device - it could be that S60 edition 3 (N91) and other S60 and S40 devices are not 100% compatible.

b) N91 to an SE etc - I am almost certain they are not and the fact that even some data is okay says something good about Nokia and SE for getting at least part of the compatibility okay


  • Shawn

I really like all these features, huge storage, 3G, WiFi, and close to 30 channels of streaming television (not clips, trailers, or whatever but real cable/broadcast channels from CNN to Cartoon network) Nothing like killing time on the train listening to music or watching TV. :)

  • Anonymous

can anyone else confirm that the battery life on the nokia n91 is only 8 hours when playing music. What is the battery like to live with? Will i have to be charging it every night?

  • SHaKeeL 0300-8730505

To Ansi

Hi Ansi thats not problem i also have faced thats take it easy or enjoy

To Pappy

Hi again dear in Nokia we cant write in numeric fields where we have to write
the number

Example in Nokia

1234567 < here we cant write any latter of English

but > Mobile > SHaKeeL Multan , we can write



Mobile (W) < here we cant write or not edit able

Mobile (W) 1234567 > here u can write write as much as u can or want thats
good thing

thats the diffirense in phone book of Nokia or SE i like that function
very much thats very easy

or when we send th edit field of Nokia to othe set via bluetooth it
automaticlly changed in default


Moblie (business)

but not in SE

have u any idea can we keep the field like as as we want

like SE

SE fields will not changed when u will send it to other mobile

now waiting for best or solved reply From u :-)

  • jamesk

help can anyone please tell me how to convert my music video and put it in my n91 thanks

  • Shayn

Symbian vs Windows Mobile

Symbian are way better than Windows Mobile
Windows Mobile Vunrable to more viruses than Symbian.

  • Phil

Hi everyone - i have been giving some thought to "upgrading" to this phone, can anyone advise me of any problems i should take into account? one question i have about the MP3 player - it seems the same on all phones i have seen so far - are you actually able fast forward and rewind, no phone i have had allows you to do this, another thing is i have some Music Videos i have downloaded, like the ones on MTV, will this phone let me play them or will the resolution or o/s be a problem?

Thanks all

  • jay dainty

I have had this phone for two month now, as a media storage system it is second to none. BUT the battry life SUCKS BIG TIME only 8 hours of continues music play, whats all that about. But seriously i do have a problem, as you are listening to music and then you get a call, the music pauses and the ringtone begins, this is were it gets naff, the ringtone gets distorted and the volume gets reduced, only a small problem which could be sorted with a firmware download. all in all a good sorted phone, did i say the memory on this phone is masive 4 gig WOW i have over a 1000 songs on and i have never heard any songs twice. ciao baby!!!

  • mangesh hotkar

hi everyone. plz help me ,can anybody tell me from where i'll get free themes of nokia n91. thanks

  • Dig's

i got my n91 last week. i love it, especially the 18 live concert installed on it as i got it. i saved it on separate folder in hard drive & was able to play it, but the next day when i open the songs,images & the concerts was all gone.
please...somebody help me on how to recover it back on my cp. help me pls....

  • Pavan

I just bought myself the N91 and am very happy with it. It came bundled with some great songs but wenI play them it goes for activating keys and stops. Can anyone help what to do ???