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  • Dig's

i got my n91 last week. i love it, especially the 18 live concert installed on it as i got it. i saved it on separate folder in hard drive & was able to play it, but the next day when i open the songs,images & the concerts was all gone.
please...somebody help me on how to recover it back on my cp. help me pls....

  • Pavan

I just bought myself the N91 and am very happy with it. It came bundled with some great songs but wenI play them it goes for activating keys and stops. Can anyone help what to do ???

  • Niz

Multimedia powerhouse! Give me this phone anyday, but please put it in a nicer body. This phone looks like something out of a cheap sci-fi flick and boy, does it hurt the eye's with all that glare! Extremely dull looking and much too big. I am sure Nokia could have given the illusion of making it seen smaller by making it curvier. Illusions, thats what Nokia's good at...

  • HP

Hi everyone,
Nokia 9500 and O2 IIi, which one do you choose, symbian 80 and windows m2003 ?
How can you compare a symbian 60 phone with a ... windows m 2005 one !!!???
Now the time to change your point of view.

  • sam sultry

i just love this fone!!! hav used it for a mt with 1000 songs...awsome processing....

  • Bill

To Jaun:
Well history has tendency to change. N91 has a chipset never used in any other Nokia phones until now.. Audio effects are brilliant. So your look at the past does not say anything to me. As pappy said - read the reviews. I used previous Nokia's devices with mp3 support - they are not even close too N91.

  • Ansi


I own the N91 for the last 10 days. When making or receiving a call, I see some mild fluctuating lines running from bottom to top of the screen. It very mild and sometimes not noticeble. But in music and standby mode, I dont experience this. Can someone check on this and confirm.


  • everyones pop

i have owned all the fones the world uptill now anyone in competiton

  • i300X bogus

who says n91 is not better than the samsung i300X. since its availablity in the market, it has nailed i300x's ass big time.

  • S.k

does anybody knows what kind of themes work on N91.Itried the ones that work on n90 & n70 but it had erors on the N91.after all it's perfect in every thing and has more prestige then samsung i300x...

  • pappy

Hey Juan

N91 is a music phone for audiophiles and music lovers. Listen to it with a good set of headphones and read the reviews. Sorry nothing is close. If you like to listen to music on ringtone speakers then the N91 is not for you (and obviously you are not a music lover) , otherwise get the N91 which plays more music formats than your beloved devices. Check the facts. You have never even seen an N91 have you?

  • mangesh

hi everybody. actully i m a SE fan, till day before yesterday i was using every phone of SEs walkman series. actully i was in impression that nokia will not make a gud music phone,they r not capable to compare with walkman serie, i heard a lot abou n91, so i buught new n91 yesterday,i listen the music constantly till now,i cant believe that nokia made a great music phone,i m gonna mad. really what a great phone it is. loud sound.high quality music,trust me i never listen that type of quality of music.i suggest to everyone that if u wann a better music phone cum smart phone then go for n91.

  • Juan

Hi again

You are speaking of audio you know any Nokia mp3 players around??? Why Not?? Because they don't have the expertise to make them!!!!

The I300X can play most music files including the now very popular OGG format!!!

Have you heard the bass from the internal speakers of the I300X?? It will rock and blast the N91 away for sure!! The ringing tone of the I300X is loud clear stereo*** mp3 sound compare to the Mono mp3 sound of the N91 (still using god its a music phone!!!) Furthermore the I300X Mp3 player's volume is independent of the phone's system volume (Coolest feature of all!!)

So before you acclaim the N91 as the best music player please do a bit of research work in the Sound department!! Cause samsung is miles ahead in that field!!!! Maybe the N91 is the king of Connectivity but the I300X is the King of Pop!!!

  • humza

itz hot cool nd wat can i say...i love ma n91..lash set hai its very good..with the hot looks nd nice functions wid a steel body...

  • N91

Hi 02 if you do work for 02 then you need to look at the spec more before you post on here as the N91 has only 2meg camera not 3meg and how come the N91 sells out so fast when you do get new stock in then......

  • Leon

Can I use the 4gb for e mails storage?


its mp3 player oh my god daammmm coolllllll

  • Anonymous

Hello - i own both Nokia N91 and Sony Ericsson W810i phones

will my 3G simcard work in the W810i ?
i know the phone is not 3G, but was wondering if there was anyway of getting it to work on GSM ?

  • Bill

To Juan: Do you speak russian? Have you read the review? Audio quality - N91 is better! HDD speed -N91, playback time - N91. Overall appearance and picture quality - very subjective. So please don't BS people here that Sucksoon i300x is better.

  • Anonymous

I have just one question, if you dropt it on the floor what happens to the HDD?