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  • Anonymous

Has anyone been able to purchase the "Dark chrome" model??? Or is the "light Chrome" model the only one currently available????

  • Raavan

hi my phone hangs sometimes during calls specially when switching from loudspeaker to handset! Display disappointing! Good battery life. lasts 2 days with avg talktime of 2-3 hrs daily with a lot of music thrown in.
Anyone knows which themes and applications work cos .sis dont work at all!!
Plays excellent quality audio in my car but restore equaliser to default settings if u have a mid or high end system and vol on 30% max for best results.
Finally a phonw which will not bore me for a couple of months!!!

  • Anonymous

n91 release date from vodafone uk now put back to may 20th.

  • Anonymous

prefer n92/this phone??


guys am from india,kerala . i just got this phone fpr 28500 inr . good phone . sound quality with headphones amazing . u will not belive till u hear . without headphones very bad u wont belive how bad it is . rest all everything is good exept when u recive a sound file through bluetooth and u save it it gets saved in the harddrive and u have to go to harddrive and transfer it to gallery which is a pain . gallery doesn show any files stored in hard drive how sad

  • Kal

Da fone one the mellenium man, It beats all.

2006-05-02 19:51 Nxsf - Kal

When you see same name, plz use some other name to post.
I would never say this phone beats all.

  • immolator

Recently, I've seen several Nokia N91 fans pouring over to the Samsung thread, constantly raving this phone while claiming that Samsung phones are inferior compared to Nokia handsets. I know there are a lot of Nokia fans that are fanatics, I'm not saying it's bad, it's okay to keep your fervor, but plz keep the reproachful censures to yourselves (meaning don't flock over to the samsung thread and start yammering with mouth full of nuts).

To be honest, I like the features of this phone. However, the screen resolution and the sliding-mechanism design just overkilled it. I think it's too heavy and bulky, it's pointless to have Wi-FI on this phone if your going to browse internet via 176x208 TFT-LCD screen.

nokia is the new icon? (aikon, spelled backwards, get it?) LOL...

  • Macbuckley

Hi , Just to reply to the guys that were asking.
Thanks for the tips i got the Contacts working great now.,
AS for battery life well let me say this , if you have the UTMS set to all ways on the battery life get eaten big time, but leave it to When needed and the phone does all right . I get about 2-3 days use depending on what i do with it. For comparison its nothing like the K750i for battery life but then it doesnt have the same features.
If you really are interested then drop by my website devoted to the N91/Mac user.
Enjoy and let me know what you think!

  • Anonymous

Has anyone been able to purchase the "Dark chrome" model??? Or is the "light Chrome" model the only one currently available????


hey people i have boughy the phone just yesterday everything is working really fine i just wanted to know the site from where i could download the applications of symbian standard 3(ie the operating system on which n91 works on)

  • stacey lou lou

to Bilal
o2 have got the N91 set to come out the week comencing 08/05/06 if thats any good to you...

  • Kal

Da fone one the mellenium man, It beats all.

  • Jacob Fajardo

I currently using N90. Is it any better than N90 (except for the music function)? I don't see any front camera in the unit. does that mean that the phone cannot perform videocall?

  • Anonymous

hi, i just got N91 2 days ago. the phone is excellent! the only thing that i noticed was the quality of the pictures taken. Is the camera of N70 reallly better than N91? because i compared the the same shots taken and the one from N91 is darker and poor. it's both 2 megapixel cam and N70 pics are better and brighter. I don't know if there is a defect in the camera of my N91 or is it firmware? my firmware version is:

I even tried comparing the same shots taken from 9500 and it was even better because it's brighter. help pls.

  • Bakaboy

The size of the N91 is almost the same as the N90, infact it is taller then the N90 is.

  • marijn

how big is the n91 like de n90/n70


  • b2rete

the unit is to be slide up/down manually..not mechanically

this fone is good including its hi-fi sound...unfortunately, i've already switched to n6280 (cheaper and the stereo sound quality is can't use the front cam for pictures though)after encountering(twice) freeze/hang when i received a call...all buttons/keypad are not working...have no other choice but to pull out the battery...was only using half of the hard drive memory, strange!

more cons:

-no slideshow
-slow when opening gallery files
-no wallet
-only 2 available softwares/apps to install
-does not support 60 series themes
-while texting,my forefinger couldn't avoid to touch the camera lens since it has no protector or cover...remember that fingerprints on the lens may result to poor/blurred pictures
-may easily corrupts the hard drive once you installed apps with virus

  • Bilal

just wanna know how long will the phone battery stay on for when constant in use. also guys i just wanna know if the phone is any goog, plz help me coz im in 2 minds at the moment.thanks Bilal.

  • weedus

i just bought N91 yesterday and it's fantastic. i bought it for 36000 pesos from nokia store. excellent sound quality! the only negative thing is i compared the pictures taken from N70 and it is better. why N70's cam is better when it's both a 2megapixel cam? is there a problem with the software of N91? if there will be an update for the software, will it improve the quality of pics taken?

  • Shady

a Qestion for N91 Users, did anyone try to install new themes because my N91 is not accepting instaling themes, please let me know if you have any idea how to do it?