Nokia N91

Nokia N91

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  • MS

people i wanna ask something! how did sean paul get this phone in his video temperature more than a month ago ????

  • deji

yessssssssssss its here

  • M. Asim Khan Nyazee

A nicely manufactured phone with very strong body containing the worst camera ever seen in those having 2MP resolution. Music Capabilities are even not comparable with those supported in Sony Ericsson W800i. A capasious 4GB Microdrive is what that differentiates NOkia's so called lion king from its predecessors and rest of its competitors. Even the WiFi and some other features which are normally rare in the Business as well as common phones are not praise worthy here. Infact NOKIA being a market jaint and a real clever manouveror knows how to attract the public attention and how to give tough time to its competitors.

  • Noble Stead

Man whish my parents would by me gifts like that. But down to my comment earlier i had given a reason why blue tooth would most likly not work for head phones seems i wasnt to far off the mark

  • 123

No A2DP profile for N91!

  • Anonymous

does this phone has an A2DP profile for bluetooth stereo support??

  • saviour

only thing good is the 4gb hard disk everything else is ugly. such an ugly phone

n90 4 life

  • Anonymous

All sites, including importgsm, ny city one are legit

  • Riaz

Guys its expensive cuz today is the first day of its release guys. dont buy right away jst wait few days the price will come down for sure.

  • RIAZ

this is the only valid site that i know cuz i have ordered all my phones from this site so far.

  • r

and what about this one:­ontact_us

  • R

How legit is this site:­at=0&page=3

  • r

thats good too hear, yeah its a bit pricey. So I guess thats one legit site, you can buy this phone (sim free).

  • Riaz

i have ordered all my phone so far from that site man

  • aye aye is a legit site. I got a Nokia 6600 sim free from them about a year and a half ago. Expensive though.

  • Anonymous

This is an very important information that n91 have AUTOFOCUS. Anyone who want to make sure can logon to and see n91 story. Their in one of the sub information on clicking the ring it is written that n91 do have autofocus.

  • Bakaboy

Tom, I work for Carphone Warehouse, any idea if Carphone are going to have any exclusive rights on any new Nokia's? We had the 8800 and 7380, 7370 and 7360's on exclusive back when they were released. We don't normally get told about any exclusive deals until a few days before release.

  • r

dude that site is not legit, be wary.

  • Riaz

Guys this phone is Out officialy in the united states. you can buy it now on one of the sites that i have ordered all my other phones from. but the price is soo high 1200$. i need to wait so that the price comes down. lol

  • r

how legit is this website: