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Nokia N91

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  • thigisni

When N91 comes out, I am going to look at both it at the SE900. It worries me somewhat that N(! may not be expandable. I will have 4000 songs in there probably quicker than I think I will. I don't want to be hassling with deleting songs in 9 months.

  • Anonymous

for the guy who said that the N91 is working without a signal, that is correct since the N91 can work without a SIM card (hence no signal) is like off-line mode, but even better since there is no need to insert a SIM card... it is the same feature in the N70

  • Pissed off uk citize

I waited so long for this to come out i ended up getting an happy with it but i clearly wouldve rather had this.

  • Bakaboy

Just checked my system here at Carphone Warehouse and there are now codes for the N91 on Vodaphone and Orange, meaning them and O2 will be the first networks to support the handset!!!

  • skele

Check out sean paul's temperature video, the phone is featured there, looks really really very cool. But has anyone used it and can comment on issues like the pesponse speed of the phone and the music quality, is it as clear as an ipod?

  • Anonymous

hey d-tox do u know when N92 is releasing?if u know plz tell!!!!!

  • D-Tox

take a look at this...­ge=4

Nokia at the 3GSM World Congress...

Look at the N91 pic....

now the N91 is the only phone without a SIGNAL...

I dont know if the prototype is old as i said before ..... or.... that the N91 still has a few bugs just look at alllll the other models all have NETWORK... as i said b4 the N91 had problem and i should u pix and all....

wonder what happened...


Ill find out on Friday when i meet someone for Nokia... till then see u

  • dhiraj

Dtox Thanx for da great news!
but plz tell me about the loudspeaker, is it stereo or mono? it should at least be like the one on 6681.....

Ppppplllllzzzz reply..

do let me now about the minimap thing , is it there on n91?

  • D-Tox

im back as i said N91 coming 12 TH march - 18th March
everything is fine with it now no more problems Testing the N71 then N80

N71 seems fine but like N70 slow bad cam little buggy...

but anyway its new proto so who knows

N91 has completed testing Getting ready so Ship them

coming in March...

as i said before

  • pras

does any one know positively at what resolution does it capture video ? more over it does not come with integrated flash.

  • Rowan

I was due an upgrade last May and was waiting for this phone to get released. I still wait! Feel a little silly now so it had better be worth it after relying so long on my old 'n' crusty 6230

  • Anonymous

this fone is HEAVYWEIGHT.Cant wait till it is released that if it is ever released,cant wait som1 selling them at 650 but no way am paying that much when it go much cheaper.
any info het bak 2 me ;)peace

taz da man devil

  • Sunny

hie ppl i just checked out on website and it says it gonna b launched in marcha nd thats for sure u can check it at,390506­03,20002149-5,00.htm

  • ron

hi can anyone tell me which sean paul video this phone is displayed i am eagerly waiting to see the vid plz leave the name of the vid

  • Anonymous

Latest info is that estimated time of release on Vodafone UK is 10th April '06. As usual, that is subject to change by Nokia...

  • Artizann

Im in UK, waiting to upgrade my phone with o2 and they informed me that its been delayed on o2 release until the end of april! so ive had enough of waiting, looking elsewhere now!

  • rqn

Hey, what's the deal with this phone? I've googled it, and found numerous pictures, with different people from different countries holding it.......has it been launched already? It is on this site for about one year, but still no update on infos and no new pictures, no nothing.....

  • jo

is not been a year yet XD this phone was announced in june of 2005

  • jo

it will be Available in march. it some places.

  • Anonymous

orange uk have the n91 in review just spoke to customer services. There predicted release is for april 17th.