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  • G9

Haha, steve you have the same birthday as me. Yes this looks like my ideal phone. :D


Guys its only a phone!!! dont make it your life

  • Snickers

True, but the N91 isnt claming to be a great camera phone, thats the N90's job in the N-Series.
The N91 is all about the music, hense the mp3 controls on the front.
You still we be able to print out N91 photo's if you like, but with 4GB the W800, W900 nor the W810 can compete with the N91. N91 is a superb all round phone with added zest for music lovers

  • Chris

yo guys. I want to buy Nokia N91, but check this site on the bottom. I think Sony Ericsson W800 makes better photos than N90, and as somebody said before, N90 makes better photos than N91

  • D-Tox

N91 isnt in India...

I asked some ppl at Nokia India it will Reach India End March

STILL dont really know when this thing is coming.... its top secret as soon as my nokia guy tells me then ill tell u but i really dont know he is saying march not really feb but some ppl are saying feb 14 - 18 which i donno is old launch date or new...

donly played with it for music words and bass came out so to me it works as music i dont know diffrence between old one and new one

  • steve

OMG I can't wait for it to come out. I read somewhere it wasn't out until April. I hope its out before April the 9th my birthday! I want that fone so much.

  • dhiraj

PLZ confirm and tell me about the loudspeaker of n91 , whether it is stereo or mono and also about the new browser whether it is there on the n91 or no.....

these questions are killing me...

  • palia

a phon james bond 007 use de.

  • dhiraj

nokia n91 does support the cif video capture(352*288)... got that from­_E70_FCC_approved_N91_supports_UPnP.php

besides if you click the " user manual" link on this page, a new window will open and after some time in pdf format through acrobat reader you can read THE ACTUAL USER MANUAL OF NOKIA N91. in the user manual to under the camera section you can see it written that it supports cif res. video cap.

thats great isnt it, another diamond added to n91's crown....

  • Anonymous

i think unlike N70 and N90, the video capture for N91 is not CIF(352x288) its only QCIF(176x144). however, i'm not too sure. may i know where u obtained the information from?

  • Anonymous

yes i know about that. i posted earlier about this too u can use the search to find it. i'm sure the story website is wrong. i wonder if it has been corrected. there're links to the pictures showing the back of the N91, u cant see any flash.

  • Anonymous

what is taking them so long? it was announce together with N70 and 90

  • dhiraj

some retail stores here in the uae are saying next week itself, so i guess dtox's estimation of 14-18 feb could be proved right...
anyways it seems its already out in india

just hope for the best... this beauty is going to raise a storm soon

  • D-Tox

I went out with the Nokia boys today... they are talking about there Earnings of NOkia and that some people are voting for the N91 to come out within 5 - 7 days to get sales increase but then there are some which want it Next month too boost up the sales earnings i donno lol all confusing... they all using the E series prototypes quite nice...

N91 still thinking March ....

25th march is ur Bday dont worry N91 will come b4 then promiseeeeeeee

  • dhiraj

guys plz check the nokia n91 stories section in the official nokia nseries website..
youll get something interesting to read

the n91 story says it has a flash and autofocus too... idont know how exactly that is possible.. but it is deffinately wriiten there on the nokia n91 story page towards the last few links...

someone plz confirm about the whole flash thing

  • sos1846

hmmmmmmmm...i think when nokia launches this phone, its features will expire!!

  • Shaunak


If you go to the N Series website of Nokia, then going to the APAC section, browsing from there to the "owners studio" page you will find they have mentioned three models N90, N70 and N91 out of which the first two are launched but then why is it saying N91? For you to register with "Owners Studio" you need your model, cell no and the device serial number and N91 is mentioned there why so? I have a hunch that either Nokia has already distriubted it through APAC
or it has already "unofficially" launched in
countries like India and Phillipines.

We should see the launch officially by 18th
this month hopefully.

  • Belgium

I'll wait for it, no mather what.
I hope around 25march. (my birthday) So i have some thing to ask for my birthday :P :P :P

The phone is just awsome, to bad without a flash.

  • Shaunak


N91 is already on sale in Ebay India for 32,000 Rs thats around 800$ ,8 pieces from the state of Karnataka in India .I dont know the date of relase but I guess its 18th February.

  • Riaz

Yup i cant wait for this baby either