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Nokia N91

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  • Belgium

Yes, we know.. To bad it isn't febr.

  • Sunny

hi ppl, i just inquired from my local dealer he told me 91 will not be out before march so guys we will have to wait a lil bit....

  • cameeron

see the release date for collection of expected dates for the new phones including N91 expected on april on the following site­t/gben-comingsoon-Main

  • GMAN

Where did you get the O2 prices?
O2 upgrade prices depend on call spend not on Tariff, you will be banded as to what you have spent on your tariff, so if you are due to upgrade, then call O2 and ask what Band you are, the higher the band the better. IE: Band I, can get any current handset free of charge

  • Anonymous

so freaking ugly...i might consider if somebody give me but i will definitely not consider buying this phone

  • dhiraj

To D-tox

u said there was a chance that it could release between 14 - 18 feb otherwise march 24 - 28

What are the chances that i can come in feb itself?

and plz tell me whether the lodspeaker is stereo or mono.

i came to know that it supports 352*288 video capture and that it is also a UPnP device as i have read the online user manual of the nokia n91 at­_E70_FCC_approved_N91_supports_UPnP.php

this makes n91 more interesting to buy than an n80. the only negative is the screen which is 176*208 and that there is no flash

  • D-Tox

yes sure its "for real " its called a buggy prototype ill sell u only for 100 $

the only problem is that it gets no network and keeps on rebooting and u can never fix it since its old prototype

u want it ill sell it to u

joke lol....

DONT BUY PROTOTYPE.....................

their screens will die after 2 - 3 months and then its a problem since nokia doesnt do any work on prototypes....

  • Fresh 23

Yeah i talking to some guy and he say he can get the n91 for $300 aus
is this for real

  • ayaa

i have ask an worker in the nokia store en he said it will release end of this month

  • D-Tox


WAIT 1 month thats it in MARCH this phone will b here

  • Ris

These prices were taken from the 02 Feb-March catalog, confirming that they are expecting the phone very soon, though they cant give an exact date so further delays may still happen.

Having said this the N80 is still yet to appear in the catalog, which probably isnt a good sign

  • Jarvis

Still waiting for that nokia n91...... still no sign of it!

  • jo

well i don't believe u dude, sorry but i don't you don't even get the features and the name or number of the phones right...

  • D-Tox


I just spoke to my Nokia guy he said that Japan hasnt Released this phone yet and it will be coming in 2 months in Japan and he said that the japs dont like nokia they perfer their flip phones like samsung and LG and that less than 5% of them buy Nokia..

He said Give me the IMEI Number on the phone " since " ur so proud that u got it and how the sound works that he will look into his computer and see if yours is Prototype or Orignal

he said this because somone might have conned u

Anyway Thank you :)

Oh even if u got it...

its buggy ;) watch out for the Rebooting problem ;)

  • Harvin

3000 SONGS

  • Harvin

Hello ppl u wont belive ive just bought the fone frm japan i went there last week the fone is really good it has lots of memory 4 gig u can download up to 300 songs this the best fone ever the sound quality is so good u cant belive it this is the best fone u can buy ever!!!

  • Raz

Where have you seen these o2 prices?


  • Ris

O2 Pricing:

Upgrade on tariffs of 75+: Free
Upgrade on tariffs of 45+: 129.99
Upgrade on all other tariffs: 199.99
Handset only: 499.99

so if your on a big tariff your set :) personally i think ill still wait for my n80, as i already have a decent mp3 player

  • D-Tox

OMG howwwwwwwwwww weird are u jo

WOW sean paul has a PROTOOOOO off N91 WOWWWWW i used proto of N91 for 1 day WOW if u look and i said b4 it HAS NO SIGNAL on it that was the OLDDDDDDD proto mayb 2 months ago tht bug is fixed now its a little more buggy since its a new software 9.1...

Just freaking wait u ppl....

thts it WAITTTTTT...

Nokia are trying to bring u a high class phone just wait...

N80 N92 N71 delayed due to N91..

but there delay hopefully isnt long mayb 1 month of which it was due

WAIT FOR N91 shes a lovely phone


u might b temped to buy the 3530 but its bad so dont buy it

trust me even the 3530 is buggy on the camara

  • Sunny

oh man not again.... i am now reallu Pi***d off , i guess D-tox is rite in wat he said he was rite earlier also and i guess this time also.... but i hope he is wrong this time,,, but anyawys i am gonna wait for this beauty. bb