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  • N91-5 user

N91 actually is the fastest phone i've ever had. If only it has wcdma & wlan support this phone could've been the greatest IMHO. But it's ok if it has none of those. As long as internet access through my phone is free, who needs wifi anyway? Infact, i'm surfing gsmarena & other sites using my phone N91 cos my PC has no internet connection. Lol! I just hope that my hdd won't get corrupted anymore. I've already done full and quick format on it. That's all. Thank you.

  • Dr.Hussam El-Din

I'm writing this after about 2 months of using the Nokia N91 (4GB)

I bought this phone to spare me from buying a laptop and it could

as it had a large storage,
syncronizable Calender,
WiFi and GBRS internet access
and I bought the application Office Suite for it (which reads word, excel and powerpoint plus It writes word decuments and excel sheets)

So why I need a laptop for ??

Buy I have some adverse thoughts about it

It is too slow specially when loading from the hard disk
and this is confirmed when I used the application xplore which read that my CPU is 206MHz (not bad) my RAM is 45MB (not bad) but my free ram was only 7to8 MB (which is resaly bad)

The camera shots verrrrrrrrrry bad still images (the shutter is tooooo slow and there is no flash) but the video shots are really super (equal or even better than the n93)

the web pages opens distorted (but it opens all the sites you request) as it spread it vertically to fit the wide of the screen so what you expecting to see above you will see it in middle or bottom

these only what I had against it

So my advices about people thinking about it :
You must be a Tough MAN (Women won't stand it)

Use the hard drive JUST for Media (Music,images and video) only
Othes use the 16MB phone memory for ringtones and messaging and applications and games

If You use it for music playing or keeping the bluetooth on keep a spare battary with you as it won't last more than 10 hours

Wish Everybody Good luck

  • madny shah

salam to aal muslimes

i want to buy but v confused becaused some hot encounter reviews read about it,

hard prob
poor display
gallyry not open some time

plzzzzzz tell me may i bought it?


  • Tsepz

Which walkmans hav you used? @ N91, coz the W950 WALKMAN2.0 is nt ordinary

  • N91

N91's design is one of a kind, beautifully created. But the user interface is so simple and basic. While Walkman phones' user interface is advanced and more beautiful to the eyes, the design however is ordinary.

  • Nokia user

I hv been using N91 frm the past 6 months..i am happy with the product but the only prob i face is tht i can't read my text msg on pc when i transfer my data on pc..please can u help in this....

  • Tsepz

@ No name, i understand what you are saying BUT phones like N91, SE W900, and W950 are phones made for people who lyk their music AND MUSIC VIDEOS! which arnt that good to watch on N91 compard to wat W900 produces

  • KalpeSh

Hi All
Some ppls are having problem in their
Nokia N-91.
But m using N91-5 since last 4 months
it didn't give me a single problem it's working fine really.
Muzic quality is simply great. Camera quality too.

I'm having a simple question that
If I format my N-91's 4Gb Hard-Drive will it corrupt System Files of Mobile OS?

  • Anonymous


I'm not seeing any reasons why N91 be called beta. The screen was designed not for pleasure viewing. Eitherway, it's already enough at 260+ colors and N91 is primarily designed for Music. Meaning it's for the ears, not for the eyes. I think I will not look at my N91's screen until all my music collection has finished playing. ;o)

  • hamid

please anybody help me.
my n91 nokia mobile phone only have 1 day charge.and i should charge it every the other n91 nokia mobile phone have a day charge?

  • Tsepz

Trevor i dnt blame you i also need music everyday.i wud take the N91 4GB or 8GB-ME anyday over the N95, i thnk N91 looks way beta,i just wish it had a bigger screen

  • Tsepz

I tested a my frends N73, my SE W900 and another frends N91 4GB, and found that the N91 was the least clear, N73 was clearest bt SE W900 was the loudest this is via loudspeaker, with earphones my frends even said W900 an my frends W850 were the best in BASS and clearity since both the WALKMANS use earplugs

  • Trevor

Using the N91 8GB music edition for a month now. i don't have regrets on purchasing it and dropped my attention on the N95. I prefer music everyday than shoot pictures everyday. I can say that it is a solid stable device. No fuss, no hang-ups. Sounds great or shall i say the best. Blows any other music phone (for me).

  • Anonymous

to Tsepz: have you compare the sound cuality???? n91 beats alls ;)

  • Anonymous

yes Tsepz SE use 72 channel, but if you compare the sound, SE is a C.R.P

  • N91-5 user

This mobile is great. But one thing really turns me off. Its hdd gets corrupted easily. Any ways of preventing and avoiding that?

  • Tsepz

wat kind of phone uses 64channel speaker? THATS OLD! the SE W850,W900 and W950 use 72channel speakers

  • Tsepz

the sony ericsson w950 symbian uiq 3.0 touchscreen 4gb music phone is waaayy beta than n91! the walkmans come with earplugs! which hav sumthn calld megabass! this totaly beats the n91! the w950 is a symbian walkman wich has touchscreen and touchsensetive keypad! the only way the n91 beats w950 is coz w950 dnt hav a camera but this is where w900 cms in, it has the best 2mp camera on the market! w900 has 470mb internal mem wich is expandable upto 8gb! the w900 and w950 beat n91 at being music phones! thats the whole point of these phones! and atleast w950 an w900 dnt hav ram problems, both w950 an w900 hav bigger screens, w900-2.2inch , w950-2.8inch touchscreen! the earplugs blockout everythng around you, meaning al you hear is music and bass with alot of clearity

  • gecko

hello there ! the sound is great, compare to other phones (includes sony ericsson), the 4 giga hardisk and the big speaker whit 64 chanels sound makes the diferense,after all, is a symbian phone, for all who don't know.and 4 the mate who compare nokia n91 whit sony ericsson walkman , think 2 times before speak ,look at the specifications ,one is a smartphone , and the oder is an ordinari mp3 player whit memory card, no ofense.see ya!

  • Anonymous

the style is great.. but the preformance is weak.. when you ON the phone it takes 2 minutes... my memory also corrupt! damn that Nseries!!! =X