Nokia N91 finally available

21 April, 2006

The long expected Nokia N91 smartphone with microdrive has finally hit the market shelves. The phone has been announced in April 2005, with expected release by the end of 2005, but Nokia delayed its release several times and now at last the phone with 4 GB microdrive is available for purchase.

Nokia N91 is a tri-band device with UMTS support. Wi-Fi is also supported. The phone is equipped with a 256K colors display with 176 x 208 pixels resolution and a 2 megapixel camera. The phone runs on Symbian OS v9.1 and is based on Series 60 UI of third generation.

Nokia N91 Nokia N91 Nokia N91 Nokia N91

Nokia N91 Nokia N91 Nokia N91 Nokia N91

The main competitors of the Nokia N91 are the Windows Mobile powered Samsung i300, i300x and i310 which have respectively 3 GB, 4 GB and 8 GB hard disks. All three Samsung phone are about the same size as the Nokia N91 but weigh less. The Samsung devices are all available too and it interesting to see how the microdrive equipped devices will be accepted by the market. Probably the price differences and the user preference (Window Mobile or Symbian) will decide which model will be successful.


Reader comments

  • leo

where is the n91 availble and how much for?????????/

  • Tarantula

Check this: @David Your point of view is valid, but the sucsess of RAZR series and all slim phones is based only in appearance over the features. I share the same point of view but...

  • David

I also just wanted to add something else. A lot of people worry about things like software glitches, firmware, battery life, and so on. And they talk about these factors as if they negate the features of a particular phone. But you have to separ...

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