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Nokia N950

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  • Mando Rudman

John, 10 Feb 2020ExcellentI hope that HMD Global will bring back the Nokia N9 and the Nokia N950 with the Kai O.S. or Android O.S very soon. These phones were very Iconic in the past maybe it will in 2020. I kinda miss these phones now. And hope that HDM Global will take this into consideration for new phones to come out this year or next year.

  • John

AnonD-155442, 16 Feb 2014I wish I could buy this one...Excellent

Thanos, 02 May 2018Hello, sorry to spoil you guys but Nokia N-Series will be r... moreKaiOs is for feature phones,
are you really sure they'll make phones like the Nseries (top of the range like Nokia 8 Sirocco)?

  • Thanos

alter, 04 Oct 2017why nokia do not make symbian phones again? i think, symbia... moreHello, sorry to spoil you guys but Nokia N-Series will be resurrected that's all I know, what I don't know is, if it;s working on SymbianOs or KaiOs.. These will be the start of Nokia taking back his crown. Long live connecting people

  • AnonD-729403

alter, 04 Oct 2017why nokia do not make symbian phones again? i think, symbia... moreJust run Sailfish os on a RAZR M or some other phone with a good port. But who am I kidding, you barely bothered to google: "Operating systems similar to symbian and meego", so you will probably end up getting a phone with a bad port with broken bluetooth and camera and you'll scream at either me or Jolla about how "unstable and unusable sailfish OS is" and you'll go back to your hole to cry about how great symbian and meego were.

  • Anonymous

I accidentally touched some application in settings. Now I only hea yhe voice commands and unable to go back to my earlier operations. How to remove the voice commands and go back to normal touch operations.

  • alter

why nokia do not make symbian phones again? i think, symbian phone is better than android phone, and it's so fun for me. i wish i can get that again...

How does people even hear of this phone?! Easily the most obscure phone ever made!!!

  • Anonymous

Nicky, 21 Aug 2013friendz now this mobile is avelaeble please Answer me Frendz.Where can i get it cameroon

  • AnonD-584189

i like nokia i am so big fan nokia phones 'but i don't know why sale nokia compny

  • Anonymous

no more n950 nokia is dead too bad for nokia lovers like me

  • Maki

I still use a N8! Shame the N950 never came on the market, I love this phone!

  • Anonymous

Nokia lost , 29 Oct 2012Must be stupidest idea from mr Elop not to bring this great... moreThere are no more N950 Nokias because Mr. Elop is a moron wrapped up in an idiot. A traitor to the Nokia brand, he shot it down just as it was ready to show potential to be world class. Some people just live too long for the good of others!

  • fanuel

i really want this fon n cant find it on ebay

  • rogierx

Sorry moderator,
i made a typo halfway my comment:
Should be

  • rogierx

Standard camera app allows you to take pictures like the N9 which is limited to 8 MP - 3248x2448. If you actually want to use the N950 camera's full 12 MP (4016x3016) then you should install the CameraPro beta 0.5 (old) for free
If you also want this app to show up in your 4-icon quick menu, then install 'Shortcuts' app as well

  • imprezius

You can still buy these from eBay from time to time. You have to check it. Right now there are two for sale.


this is a excelent handset..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

i lyk to buy it, is some in ghana

  • josh

I DO need it!