Nokia N9 gets an Ice Cream Sandwich port, you can't have it

09 February, 2012

The Nokia N9 might not have the best of prospects as a flagship of a platform with no future and extremely limited app availability, but it might do quite a lot better as an Android device. And the great news is such a turn of events isn't science fiction or fanboy dreams any more.

Here we have the first photo of the Nokia N9, running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. There's no public release or some kind of tutorial for recreating it yourself, so we can't say how far the port has gone, but it's likely in its early alpha stages.

Still, the fact that Nokia N9 is capable of booting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich should be encouraging for those of you, who love the smartphone for its hardware, but wouldn't want to commit to a dying platform. It's not that MeeGo isn't cool, but developers are not exactly in over their heads developing for a platform with such limited reach and no plans for further expansion.

We are yet to see how the Nokia N9 handles the Android OS. The encouraging part is that the MeeGo flagship's hardware is about on par with the original Galaxy S internals and that one is doing pretty well with its ICS port.

We'll certainly be following the development of this one, so stick around for more information.

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Reader comments

  • mohyaldeen

it's still have problem on talking and camera not working

  • Arif

If anyone still visits here, it has been released as Alpha. Search for NITDroid. I would recommend waiting for beta or a stable release before using alpha though. :)

  • kkk

wow very nice