Nokia Neo rumours, unofficial pictures

22 Nov, 2004

Many rumours about a new upcoming phone from Nokia spread out the mobile phone oriented forums. According to an article published at, the Nokia Neo will not have a build-in hard disk as previously mentioned in many forums. The Nokia Neo has a SD/MMC-Card expansion slot, a common feature of most Nokia highend phones, and only 7 MB internal memory.

There are no facts which make the Neo a dedicated music phone and its usability does not seem to be exceptional. The navigation wheel, which might be cool and functional for an Apple iPod, is almost useless for a mobile phone. Entering a phone number is quite ok but what about a new SMS, MMS or even an e-mail? The scroll wheel will be used to navigate, dial numbers, and write out text messages the same way as with Nokia 7280.


Reader comments

  • Vladkeeper
  • 12 Apr 2009
  • jP2

The phone is real, i have one,

  • Johnny 1989
  • 03 Feb 2006
  • Skx

I remember when this phone was first announced I take it then the this phone either 1)fake or 2)a prototype for the 7280 We never did hear anymore about this did we, or did we?

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