Nokia officially unlocks Nokia 8 bootloader for developers

Enrique, 27 September 2018

As a smartphone enthusiast, there aren’t too many reasons to unlock a bootloader anymore. In the past, people used to unlock the phone’s firmware so they could flash software that had more to offer than factory ROMs. In many cases they were quicker, leaner, and offered more functionality and customization than bloatware-laden carrier firmware of the time.

Those days are long gone as all Android phones nowadays are well-optimized, have plenty of customization, and offer most features we need in a device.

However, for those who would like to develop custom firmware or apps on Nokia devices, Juho Sarvikas, Chief Product Officer for HMD, tweeted that Nokia will allow customers to officially unlock their devices’ bootloader.

Unlocking a bootloader is not for everyone. Nokia says it will void your warranty and once unlocked, your device will no longer be eligible for a warranty, even if you relock it. Unlocking a bootloader will cause certain apps to stop working like Netflix, some banking apps, and Google Pay will not work since the device’s security is compromised.

Head to the Source link where you can sign up to request a bootloader unlock code from Nokia for the Nokia 8, and presumably, a few other Nokia devices. You should not unlock the bootloader unless you know what you’re getting into. Happy flashing!



Reader comments

  • Carol
  • 01 Oct 2018
  • L7b

Cool i might just do that. By by google apps.

So Nokia 8 Sirocco doesn't count?

ummm, unlocked bootloader is better than having admin rights. it's more like having access to your favorite linux install with the choice of supported hardware. We don't get much options for custom hardware but the custom software is where it's at ...

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