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Nokia Oro

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  • Just me

Thats just another nokia c7, in different clothing. The 3rd we r seeing in less than 6 months....

  • vodafone_india

wooooooow nice nokai rock nokia ,,,,i want nokia 3d cell,,,plz lounch 3d cell,,i think nokia lounch 3d cell after 2 or 3 month

  • Aniki

Recently Nokia keep on coming out with fixed focus camera. Are they improving or going backwards?

  • Anonymous

i personally designed 3 concepts for nokia
one for symbian and 2 for windows phone 7
nokia should revolute its designing process and aims
take a look at the specs: still old fashioned symbian interface; still 680 Mhz processor with that really slow interface
please ,, please
just take a look at the new SE xperia-mini-pro
absolutly better

  • Will

this is another joke, would probably buy this too expensive phone that can't even compete with other phones with better OSes..sad.

  • Patito's_Gang

AnonD-6881, 25 May 20118 MP and no auto focus?That's a killer; I guess Nokia don't consider their users' feedback to know that they ought to make their next 8MP auto-focus...

  • Anonymous

why do they release stuff like that -.- Ass specifications are down-powered from the N8 so why!

  • Anonymous

just like the c7 .. but gold plated

  • Patito's_Gang

Just like C7 only more expensive and the 18k gold casing; Haaa Nokia. Now instead of waiting for x7, I just have to save up more to get this. C7 rocks anyway...

  • Anon

Great one nokia. 40 new releases this year? Seems they are all the same phone just in either a other skin or some kind of bad attempt at keeping your customers interested. No doubt nokia produces some of the best phones but maybe a bolt of energy in the creativity department is needed?

  • AnonD-9257

C7 in another skin, I have been waiting something new, nokia

  • Malcolm

Like C7 but with different OS... whats the bid deal? it has the processor speed...

  • Anonymous

seems like c7. Symbian Anna os??

  • Anonymous

oro = gold?

  • AnonD-6881

8 MP and no auto focus?

  • spidey

Amazing Phone!!! Go Nokia!!! ;)