Nokia plans to make all Lumia and PureView phones waterproof

28 May, 2012

Nokia have a history with hydrophobic technology for their phones - but they're also planning to take the technology beyond the concept stage and bring it to all future Lumia and PureView devices and make them waterproof.

Here's what the VP of Nokia Western Europe, Conor Pierce, had to say about the technology:

"What happens when a drop of water lands on a lotus leaf… has baffled scientists for generations... but our team in Cambridge UK found a solution.

Nano technology lets us do it. Superhydrophobic technology makes water bounce, it stops it, rolls it off the device and leaves it water impregnant, that’s the magic, that’s what we’re going to bring to the party."

You can check out a demo we caught on video last year when Nokia showed of a waterproofed 700 - you can see water bounce off the superhydrophobic coating in slow motion.

Unlike current waterproof phones whose outer shell keeps the water out, Nokia plans to coat both the outside and the inside with the stuff, so even if water gets inside the phone it won't do any damage.

Of course, Pierce was mum on when Nokia will start using superhydrophobic technology in their phones. Hopefully, we'll get more details during one of the Nokia World events in early September.



Reader comments

  • luna65
  • 19 Dec 2014
  • s7d

Um nokia is still unbreakable haven't u watched the video of a guy hammering a nail into a piece of wood with his screen

  • Lol to you
  • 30 May 2012
  • mVx

Flop flop flop.....whatever Jealous!! LOL

  • what ok
  • 29 May 2012
  • 3RM

well that isn't trowing your n900..that thing is a brick.. try with a lumia or a similar slim phone from nokia and see how well it does. this myth that nokia is somehow crash proof is a very old fairy tale based on nokias first generation p...

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