Nokia promises multiple announcements for February 26

Peter, 11 January 2017

The first New Nokia phone came out of the blue, the Nokia 6, but we’re getting advance warning for what’s coming next.

“More announcements to follow on February 26th.” Yes, announcements, plural. One of those announcements could be that the Nokia 6 will launch outside of China (it just went on pre-order there). But we will probably be getting a new phone or two as well - there should be 6-7 new Nokia phones this year. It seems that the Nokia E1 is closest to being market-ready.

By the way, February 26 is not a random date - it’s just a day before MWC 2017 officially begins (but most companies make their announcements early). HMD has a booth rented and ready to go, we’re eager to pay it a visit.



Reader comments

  • Starbuck

Hail to the king!.....welcome back NOKIA.

  • muralivijay

I am nokia fan please launch nokia6 in india

  • Anonymous

Please Nokia android phone launched in india

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