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Between Nokia T21 and Samsung A8 (10.5) which one would you recommend?

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    • Nokia T21 user
    • XBA
    • 22 Apr 2023

    Just purchased this tablet 2 weeks ago..
    Its an okay tablet with good build quality and stock android 12

    Great battery life
    Nice 10 inch screen full hd
    Great speakers
    Makes clear calls
    Good 4g internet quality

    Sub par performance
    Occasional stutter and hanging

    Great for movies and browsing, bad for heavy workload or serious gaming

    Cost 156k in Nigeria, official case is 15k screen guard 3k

      • ?
      • Anonymous
      • XBA
      • 12 Apr 2023

      Alphonze, 24 Mar 2023Hello,I would like to know if Nokia 21 tablet has fm radio ... moreYes,

        • A
        • Alphonze
        • mFd
        • 26 Mar 2023

        YUKI93, 07 Feb 2023Actually, it does have FM Radio support. It even mention on... moreWhat about rds ?

          Hello,I would like to know if Nokia 21 tablet has fm radio and if it has does it support RDS ?

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            • Maverick
            • mFd
            • 19 Mar 2023

            Babzoe, 01 Oct 2022Is this tablet available in Nigeria?Yes it is. On konga. Roughly 170k

              AnonD-1046991, 28 Sep 2022The reason, radio was unspecifiedActually, it does have FM Radio support. It even mention on Nokia's official website*.


                Not playing Youtube 1080p50 videos and 5ghz wifi not connecting

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                  • Gautam Goel
                  • XTM
                  • 23 Jan 2023

                  Anonymous, 05 Sep 2022It a good has a wonderful specs, plus it NFC and stylus sup... moreWhich stylus we can buy for Nokia T21 tablet, in India?

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                    • Abba Jabba Dabba
                    • ut7
                    • 19 Jan 2023

                    Nice one Product. I got it only in 4999/- and best thing i liked about it is "This Tab is Bullet Proof"

                      • M
                      • Mahesh
                      • D07
                      • 16 Jan 2023

                      Mik3, 01 Oct 2022If you knew who owns Nokia you would not make this commentNot clear.. What do you mean by that?? From my opinion every product from HMD was little overpriced. I don’t know know about this one.. According to Indian market price

                        • M
                        • Mahesh
                        • D07
                        • 16 Jan 2023

                        AnonD-1046991, 23 Sep 2022This is nonsenseEasy to say non sense without any knowledge.. it is lot easier instead of studying anything…

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                          • DVPofficial
                          • xtS
                          • 26 Oct 2022

                          Polynomials, 11 Oct 2022I wish it's available in Nigeria right now.Yeah

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                            • Minu
                            • ter
                            • 22 Oct 2022

                            Subramanian CN, 04 Oct 2022By delaying the availability of their devices in select mar... moreI guess that's how they respond to trolls in competitive markets for using SD480 in most of their phones

                              I wish it's available in Nigeria right now.

                                • X
                                • Xenotyro
                                • 3a4
                                • 08 Oct 2022

                                BMHater12, 02 Sep 2022Pretty strange to see Nokia implementing NFC on a literal t... moreI think it's aimed at businesses for NFC payments. HMD won some contracts with the T20 (for example Deutsch Bahn procured 15,000 tablets) so perhaps NFC support comes from customer feedback.

                                  By delaying the availability of their devices in select markets, Nokia loses its sales to their competitors, which accounts only to lost sales. Some of their good devices like X10, X20, G400, etc., aren't available in some markets. Consumers who like Qualcomm processors are forced to look for competing brands though they like Stock Android devices. Delaying Nokia's T21 just paves way in boosting the sales of Samsung's Galaxy S6 Lite because none has the patience to wait. As far as Indian market is concerned, Nokia hasn't released devices with Qualcomm processors other than XR20 which is not pocket friendly. I should say that Nokia's Strategies are really peculiar. There is nothing good to say about Nokia other than its clean bloat free Stock Android.

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                                    • Babzoe
                                    • XBA
                                    • 01 Oct 2022

                                    Is this tablet available in Nigeria?

                                      • M
                                      • Mik3
                                      • Mrn
                                      • 01 Oct 2022

                                      YUKI93, 02 Sep 2022A tablet with active stylus support and the ability to use ... moreIf you knew who owns Nokia you would not make this comment

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                                        • AnonD-1046991
                                        • wvJ
                                        • 28 Sep 2022

                                        The reason, radio was unspecified