Nokia T7-00 passes FCC tests, what was it doing there?

27 May, 2011

The FCC has tested and approved a Nokia device that is a spitting image of the T7-00. What’s this trimmed-down N8 doing at the FCC? We don’t quite know but the documents mention the 1700MHz WCDMA band, a.k.a. AWS.

The Nokia T7-00 first surfaced in late March, when rumor had it that there will be two versions - TD-SCDMA unit for China and a GSM/UMTS model for the global market. A few days later photos of the phone leaked and gave us a much clearer picture of what to expect.

The Nokia T7-00 looks almost exactly like the N8 – except that the protruding camera module has been replaced by an 8MP (probably fixed-focus) unit that sits flush against the aluminum unibody. The HDMI port is gone too and the CPU supposedly ran at 700MHz (instead of 680MHz as the N8).

Anyway, the FCC tested the 850/1900MHz GSM bands but the 850/1700/1900 WCDMA bands were also mentioned in the documents. The label at the bottom of the device says TD-SCDMA/GSM, just like the Chinese model we’ve seen in the spy shots.

We wouldn’t get our hopes up for a global version of the Nokia T7-00 for now (let alone a T-Mobile USA version), even the Chinese model that we’ve seen in photos isn't official yet.

But would you even want one considering the Nokia C7 has basically the same specs. And there’s the Nokia C7 Astound for T-Mobile USA too.

Source (PDF files)