Nokia to bring affordable 5G phones next year

Michail, 22 August 2019

While 5G phones like the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and Huawei Mate 20 X 5G are slowly expanding their availability, their prices are stuck quite high. According to a new interview with HMD’s chief product officer Juho Sarvikas, we'll see a more affordable 5G Nokia phone next year with its upcoming value flagship.

Nokia to bring an affordable 5G phone next year

Sarvikas explains that HMD sees an opportunity in bringing 5G to a wider audience and it starts with cutting down the cost of the handset. The ultimate goal is to bring a 5G phone at half the price of current offerings on the market. Nokia is working closely with chipset maker Qualcomm on developing the phone and is also in talks with US carriers to further its stateside expansion.

Nokia to bring an affordable 5G phone next year

An affordable 5G phone will surely help with 5G adoption rates as currently even the selected few that do get 5G coverage need to reach very deep in their pockets to take advantage of it.



Reader comments

I dont think so. Compared to comnpetition like Samsung, Sony, LG even HTC their pricing is fair and nothing beats pure android. Only cyanogen from oneplus is better. Bloatware will be always burden for the phone.

Man nokia uses pure android comnpared to bloatware ONE UI. So in this case any nokia phone is a lot better than any other samsung device. Also they are lot cheaper because compared to samsung the make cheap and sels cheap where samsung makes che...

Everything sounds good apart from fact jack is trash and burden to any phone. Also SD855+ is not necesarry maybe only for flagship.