Nokia TV closer to launch, will have 55 4K Ultra HD panel

Yordan, 13 November 2019

Nokia is going to launch a TV set in India, according to a joint announcement with the retailer Flipkart. It will be built entirely in the country and will likely be limited to that market.

Up until now, we only knew the Nokia Smart TV will have JBL Audio, but today it got certified by the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) with a 55 4K Ultra HD panel.

Nokia TV closer to launch, will have 55 4K Ultra HD panel

According to a report, the 55 TV will boot Android Pie and will come with Google Play Store preinstalled. It will also have Intelligent Dimming technology which should offer better contrast with deeper blacks thanks to an algorithm, similar to what other makers call local dimming or micro dimming.

The Nokia TV is expected to launch in early December and should be a competition to OnePlus TV, Mi TV, and Motorola TV. Smartphone brands turning to TV surely is an unusual turn of events, but that is one way to capitalize on the growing market of streaming services.



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