Nokia waves final goodbye to MeeGo and Symbian

02 January, 2014

Nokia announced in October it will be ending all developer support for MeeGo and Symbian on January 1, 2014. Well, the deadline has passed and the Ovi Store won't accept any more apps.

Nokia announced the end of the era via the official Symbian Team account on Twitter.

In case you've missed the news, the dropped MeeGo/Symbian support and app publishing means developers will be no longer capable of pushing new apps or updates in the Ovi Store. They will continue to receive revenue from their apps, of course, and all currently available apps in the Store will remain available for download.

So, if you are interested the Ovi Store is still open and your device isn't rendered worthless just yet. But maybe, just maybe, it's about time you jumped ship.

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Reader comments

  • raphael
  • 10 Jan 2021
  • J%%

so no the ovi store dues not work anymore i have a nokia 5233 and i tried and it never worked im from brazil.

  • Anonymouse
  • 24 Jan 2020
  • 3Ya

I wonder if its still open in 2020, i have a nokia c3

  • Michael
  • 18 Sep 2014
  • PUr

I used a Nokia N9 with Meego still good in NZL. I believe Microsoft killed that Symbian still good. So, I review that Microsoft's Windows Phone is NOT successful. Global report that "Windows Phone" is 1.95% weak or lack sale. Most...

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