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  • mvy
  • 23 Feb 2024

Td2923, 03 Feb 2024Don't buy. Otherwise you will be surprised unexpected... moreNonsense! I've had this since launch still working fine.

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    • Td2923
    • fnI
    • 03 Feb 2024

    Don't buy. Otherwise you will be surprised unexpectedly. Your phone will keep on restarting and saying no Sim card. Poor picture quality and the worst selfie quality. People always laugh at me during video calls cause I look horrible. Do not buy nokia or hmd otherwise they will put you in an expected budget to buy a new phone when it dies without warning. Overheating is the norm. By Pius. Nairobi kenya

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      • 7%$
      • 19 Nov 2023

      Guys I need help here !
      In the same price which one is better
      Redmi note 9T 5G or Nokia x10 5G??

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        • jD2
        • 15 Nov 2023

        fady atef, 07 Aug 2023please don't buy it... still have GPS Issues... many s... moreNonsense, stop spreading lies.

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          • bananarama
          • pkX
          • 13 Oct 2023

          good phone, have had it for about 8 months now, bit slow waking up but after that its great snapdragon 480 powerful enough to mean no lag and relatively good gaming expierience across games like Minecraft and COD mobile on average settings. 48 mp camera great for pictures but is effected quite heavily by darkness. Also one other really odd problem which may just be mine but when connected to 5G my selfie camera stops working but as i live in a rural area it doesnt effect me much and 5G can be turned off

            please don't buy it... still have GPS Issues... many software bugs.... all nokia HDM very bad

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              • uuu
              • 07 Jun 2023

              MakeNokiaGreatAgain, 19 May 2023Oh no, again this false and stupid argument that HMD is Chi... moreBoss. Both nokia x30 & g60 are made in China. Though many models are made in India too.

                IQ200, 01 Apr 2023Hey Carol. Speaking of Chinese hardware and what HMD is ... moreOh no, again this false and stupid argument that HMD is Chinese, that they just slap a Nokia logo on a Chinese phone. I swear there is a certain sect of people who religiously believe in this lie and spread it for whatever reason. I am tired of disproving this. Which Chinese manufacturer makes easily repairable phones like Nokia G22? Which Chinese manufacturer makes phones from recycled materials like Nokia G60 and Nokia X30? Which Chinese maker has a phone tougher than Nokia XR21? What about Nokia phones manufactured in Vietnam and India? Haven't you read the news that Nokia will soon produce phones in Europe again? Just because Nokia got tired of their old design language and moved their cameras in the top corner similar to Chinese makers doesn't mean anything. Most makers have cameras in the top corner, even Samsung. When you buy a Nokia / HMD phone money goes to a parent Nokia as well, via patent money, which means you are actually supporting the real Finnish Nokia. And when you consider that HMD is also Finnish, it means by buying a Nokia phone you support two Finnish companies instead of one.

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                  • Carol
                  • mek
                  • 22 Apr 2023

                  moz, 21 Apr 2023I wanted a cheap 5g phone and this was good to start with -... moreEither you have a bad sim or a bad sim tray. First take a look at the SIM, call your carrier for help, they might just have some problems with their 5G antennas. Givint the fact that 5G is quite prone to not working. Even a growing Tree crown, (after winter) can cause the 5G signal to stop.

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                    • moz
                    • 39y
                    • 21 Apr 2023

                    I wanted a cheap 5g phone and this was good to start with - but it no longer connects to the network. Practically useless for my purposes now. Nokia was excellent until driven to bankruptcy, bought out and shut down by MS

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                      • Carol
                      • 3td
                      • 20 Apr 2023

                      IQ200, 01 Apr 2023Hey Carol. Speaking of Chinese hardware and what HMD is ... moreThe devices are manufactured in China, but are designed by hmd OY not by somekind of ODM in China. You just described a part of a typical ODM product, you tell me then, another device that is exactly like 6.1, 7.2, x20, x30, g60, 9PV and so on and has another brand slapped on it? There are chinese "brands" that steal parts of design language (well, all of them do that), that is something else, and does not mean, just because there are similarities in devices, that they are all made by the same ODM. If you claim that, then you do not understand what you have just written.
                      What does fast charging to do with anything? And why would hmd not be able to use it?
                      Fairphone has a minimun charging of 20w and sell 30w chargers, i am pretty sure, that those chargers also charge the device at 30w. Don't tell me, they are also made by ODM just because they are manufactured in China? The charging power gives it all up.

                      The design language in their devices it is actually quite consistent, and first two languages, were actually pure Nokia design, or better said, old nokia design language.
                      From their first phone in 2017 (the nokia 6) to 2019 they constantly used the same design language with minor changes here and there, in their important Series 5, 6, 7, 8. Hack even the really cheap ones had more or less the same language.
                      In end 2019 they release their first change in design (letting nokia 9PV out, because that device is at another level) and started with rounded cameras (Nokia 7.2 and 6.2). This went all the way up till 2021 and "officially" endet with Nokia xr20. Inbetween they were using the same "2017" design language for really cheap devices. After 2021 till date, they started to introduce this "modern design" which i do not really like, while here and there still releaseing some "round camera" design devices. Now they are all in the "modern design" with all their devices. They are actually more consistent in their design then Nokia ever was. In this department, NOKIA the company was way more creative....well before the smartphone became a slab.

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                        • IQ200
                        • 3LT
                        • 01 Apr 2023

                        Carol, 10 Nov 2021The CPU is good, i wander what xiaromi releses every two we... moreHey Carol.

                        Speaking of Chinese hardware and what HMD is offering us. Tell me please, who makes phones for HMD Global? Who produce and design them? I'm waiting.

                        As far as I know in the past that used to be Foxconn and in that era Nokia branded phones were really premium quality build using only "western" doctrine of doing things and using the same quality components, even they were lagging behind in choosing the chipset, but their build and choice of components were like in ol' good days of Nokia oyj. What about now? Do you actually believe you are not helping Chinese economy with buying an ODM devices from HMD Global? Sure, everything made in China will help their economy, and in this moment most of things are still being produced in China but we need to recognise the difference beetwen OEM and ODM.

                        ODM (Original Design Manufacturer)

                        Since the ODM designed the product, it owns the “rights” to it. Example: Consumer electronics like phone cases and CHARGERS are examples of ODM-created products, which are more common in the food industry (think of the term “generic” and “store brand”).

                        There are a ton of generic models and companies just slap their logo on it and sell them globaly as a brand new device. I respect your principles, but ironically while you think you're going in different direction you're actually not.

                        One example just for the sake of argument. HMD Global Nokia devices are using a 33W "fast" charging. Now, tell me which "Western" brand use anything above 30W, except Samsung's own adversited 45W? None! So how can HMD Global use it? Google to find out.

                        That could be the reason why we see so many different aproaches of HMD Global for designing their phones. There isn't any streamline in their offerings, they all have different design language as they are all from different brand (because reallity isn't far from the truth).

                        I really loved the "real Nokia" but this "Nokia" with HMD Global is just a beating a dead horse with a stick while squising the last drop of money of Nokia "naive" fans, at least for me. Fairphone is way better in all regards you mentioned and you find important. Apple is not easy to love because they have their own unique operative system and the whole eco-system with it, so they can charge higher prices because loved it or hate it, noone has what they have.


                          love that centered top camera placement. and its got a punch hole display. would've been better with sd 778g. 4k and 1080p60 recording, and also 256gb internal. keep the sd card though.

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                            • Sin
                            • 0Rf
                            • 27 Feb 2023

                            Carol, 01 Jan 2023I told you more then once, the 6 GB limitation is not true,... moreread an article it's Google official system requirements for the software.
                            6gb ram needed

                            installation of Android os on unfit hardware specs results end badly ever time

                            It's just manufacturs cut corners everywhere even instill a os on ill suited hardware just safe few pennies and hit lower price point

                            They could just choose a older version of Android or androidgo but rather do the installation of full android 12 os on unsupported hardware specs

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                              • Carol
                              • mek
                              • 26 Feb 2023

                              Minu, 14 Feb 2023As long as the phone does the job well, I don't think ... moreI keep on telling that, but nobody seems to understand.

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                                • Minu
                                • ter
                                • 14 Feb 2023

                                Carol, 01 Jan 2023I told you more then once, the 6 GB limitation is not true,... moreAs long as the phone does the job well, I don't think specifications are important, unless you are very conscious about what you spend your money for

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                                  • Carol
                                  • n@x
                                  • 01 Jan 2023

                                  Sin , 28 Nov 2022I looked for it It's costs 200 pound in the uk and ... moreI told you more then once, the 6 GB limitation is not true, android 13 requiers a minimum of 2 GB, so i am very sure that android 12 does not require a minimum of 6GB. Please stop spreading nonsense on this comment sections. If you read an article it does not mean that is also true.

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                                    • Sin
                                    • pYQ
                                    • 28 Nov 2022

                                    Darknoor, 21 Nov 2022Xiaomi Redmi note 11 will doI looked for it

                                    It's costs 200 pound in the uk and only has a 4gb ram the 6gb ram version even more expensive
                                    It's totally junk and overpriced

                                    The 4gb ram phones don't even work properly as Android 12 minimum system requirements are 6gb ram we need 8gb ram smartphone

                                    Xiaomi such a rip off in the UK market

                                      Sin, 26 Nov 2022Not Xiaomi phone there know for having terrible performance... moreIt is the same in KSA but it is still the best value.

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                                        • Sin
                                        • pYQ
                                        • 26 Nov 2022

                                        Darknoor, 21 Nov 2022Xiaomi Redmi note 11 will doNot Xiaomi phone there know for having terrible performance and being really overpriced in the UK

                                        The problem with Xiaomi is there slowed down by ads blootware and overheating and high pricing in the UK market