Nokia X1-00 brings a lot of BANG for 35 euro worth of buck

08 March, 2011

How low can you go? The Nokia X1-00 aims for a sub €35 price and with dedicated music keys, powerful loudspeaker and a microSD card slot, the X1-00 makes for a great portable music player.

The Nokia X1-00 has a strong focus on music - the loudspeaker on the back is rated at 106 phon (a unit of perceived loudness) and has been calibrated not to distort the sound even at the loudest setting.

The music prowess of the X1-00 doesn't end here - there are three dedicated music keys, 3.5mm audio jack, a stereo headset in the box, FM radio and support for microSD cards up to 16GB along with a single-key playlist creator.

Nokia X1-00 Nokia X1-00 Nokia X1-00 Nokia X1-00
Nokia X1-00

The phone runs Series 30 and is obviously aimed at developing markets, so the five separate phonebooks will be very useful if the phone is shared between the family. The X1-00 offers the basics with standard package of organizer and some games.

The Nokia X1-00 also packs a dedicated torch for when the power goes out and if you use the phone sparingly, the 1320mAh battery should last a mammoth 61 days of standby.

Nokia X1-00 Nokia X1-00

The X1-00 measures 112.2 x 47.3 x 16mm and weighs 91g. It will be available in Orange, Ocean blue and Dark grey in select markets starting in April and should cost €34 (before taxes and subsidies).



Reader comments

  • jason

a good job

  • Hegmann

This is a device that someone like me needs ... Just a phone ... Not a device with a crapy camera, a lousy player, with a screen you can´t see anything outside and, eventually, make a phone call, when the battery allows, for which you pay too m...

  • Axel Grinder

When will this be released in the Philippines? I'll buy this as a secondary phone.

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