Nokia X2-01 review: Loads of attitude

Loads of attitude

GSMArena team, 2 February 2011.


The multimedia department has never been in the limelight on S40. The recently added new gallery app – Photos – is preinstalled on the X2-01, so managing your image files is hassle-free. You can still find the old Gallery app hidden in the Application menu, which also doubles as a file manager.

Nokia X2-01 Nokia X2-01 Nokia X2-01
The Photos app host the camera, the gallery and the video player

You shouldn’t expect miracles from the music and video players either. The Music app hardly looks the part, but the audio codec support saves the day: AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, MP3, WMA, AMR-NB are among the supported file formats.

Thanks to the 3.5mm audio jack you’re not stuck with the poor prebundled headset and can use your favorite headphones instead.

Nokia X2-01 Nokia X2-01 Nokia X2-01
The Music player

The FM radio works fine, using the cable headset as antenna.

Good audio quality

All the readings of the Nokia X2-01 are great if you use it as an audio source for an external amplifier (a car or home stereo). When you plug in the headphones, the intermodulation distortion and stereo crosstalk suffer, but the overall result still remains good.

TestFrequency responseNoise levelDynamic rangeTHDIMD + NoiseStereo crosstalk
Nokia X2-01+0.07 -0.56-83.883.80.010 0.024-83.8
Nokia X2-01 (headphones attached)+0.63 -0.37-81.784.00.028 0.280-64.2
Nokia X2+0.10 -0.87-85.785.60.0100 0.021-85.6
Nokia X2 (headphones attached)+0.56 -0.64-85.685.50.014 0.314-58.3
Nokia C3-01+0.08 -0.46-88.488.40.0087 0.022-88.1
Nokia C3-01 (headphones attached)+0.55 -0.29-88.388.30.014 0.404-45.0
Nokia X3-02+0.04 -0.15- 0.134-61.0
Nokia X3-02 (headphones attached)+0.56 -0.17-63.663.60.061 0.413-50.4
Nokia C5-03+0.08, -0.41- 0.014-92.0
Nokia C5-03 (headphones attached)+0.57, -0.25-88.487.90.016 0.351-73.4

Nokia X2-01 frequency response
Nokia X2-01 frequency response graph

You can find more info about the testing process here.

The video player is quite limited as usual, able to playing only some low-res mp4 and 3gp videos.

Nokia X2-01 Nokia X2-01
FM radio • Video player

Let’s take a look at the camera. It’s only a VGA unit with support for QVGA videos @ 24fps. The interface is quite basic, with very few settings available.

Nokia X2-01 Nokia X2-01 Nokia X2-01
Nokia X2-01 camera interface

Here are a few camera samples. We're not really going to comment those as they are as bad as they get. We publish those just for reference.

Nokia X2-01 Nokia X2-01 Nokia X2-01 Nokia X2-01 Nokia X2-01
Nokia X2-01 camera samples

And here is a QVGA@24fps video sample by the Nokia X2-01.

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  • X2

Yes me too my phone cant download any thing when i download any thing it reply wap connection ended

  • Alkado ray

My Nokia x2-1 does'nt download an apps due to phone's date.actually i have failed to understand this reason,i need helpful guys

Good audio level Super music player.