Nokia X3 review: Music X-three-M

Music X-three-M

GSMArena team, 28 December 2009.

Ovi Share

Ovi Share allows you to share images, video and audio files. This type of services have become very popular and Ovi Share is Nokia's way of getting its foot in the door. It's free and you have access to unlimited storage. After a quick sign-up process, selecting files for uploading is easy.

Our app had some issues starting – that and the Flickr app bug are getting too much for us to swallow.

Nokia X3 screenshot Nokia X3 screenshot
The Ovi Share app didn’t work

This app is somewhat limited though in that you can only browse your and your friends' uploads. For general browsing you'd need a web browser (the built-in one works quite well). Bear in mind that even 3 megapixel photos can cost you quite a lot at the end of the month if you're not on an unlimited data plan.

Nokia Maps for S40

Nokia Maps is a what Ovi Maps used to be before the Ovi rebrand. However Nokia decided to keep the Nokia Maps name for the S40 platform.

By now you should be aware that the Nokia X3 doesn't have built-in GPS, but Maps can work without one - you can browse the maps, look up addresses, plan routes, but you'll have to do without voice guided navigation. It won't give you your general location based on GSM cell triangulation like Google Maps does.

Our X3 came with no preloaded maps, but with the Map Loader application for PC you can download map data to a compatible computer, and transfer it to your device to save on data charges, all for free.

Nokia X3 screenshot Nokia X3 screenshot Nokia X3 screenshot Nokia X3 screenshot
Ovi Maps for S40

You have the option to download the maps over the air as you go, but we wouldn’t recommend it, even if you have a data plan. EDGE just isn’t fast enough for today’s standards.

Ovi Maps offers straightforward route planning. Having entered a start point and a destination, the application will plan your route with easy-to-follow directions to where you're heading.

If you pair the phone with a Bluetooth GPS unit, it turns into a full-fledged navigation decice. Turn-by-turn visual and voice guidance are available if you purchase a separate navigation license.

Saving locations in the Favorites section is another available option. The contents of Favorites can have different icons and can also be exported/sent via MMS, which is a nice extra.

It was great to see that Nokia Maps for S40 has grown the same Quick links pseudo-multitasking as the browser. This way, you can pull off the road to make a call, without having to exit the Maps app.

Nokia X3 screenshot
Nokia Maps for S40 has Quick links, just like the browser

Games – time wasters galore

There are five games preinstalled ranging from quick and simple to some slightly more serious. They should be more than enough to kill a few minutes of boredom.

First up is Bounce tales - a fun, cartoony platformer that follows the adventures of a blob.

Nokia X3 screenshot Nokia X3 screenshot
Bounce tales

An all time classic is here - Snake, version 3. It offers classic mode or adventure mode, which puts a slightly different twist to the game. There's even Bluetooth multiplayer mode.

Nokia X3 screenshot Nokia X3 screenshot

City Bloxx is the well-known block stacking game. Be warned, it's addictive.

Nokia X3 screenshot Nokia X3 screenshot Nokia X3 screenshot
City Bloxx

In Diamond rush it’s Sokoban meet Indiana Jones. Find the hidden treasures and push boulders out of the way, but be careful not to block your route.

Nokia X3 screenshot Nokia X3 screenshot
Diamond rush

If you are fan of the console series, Guitar Hero and its siblings, then this one is perfect for you.

Nokia X3 screenshot Nokia X3 screenshot
Guitar Rock Tour

Block’d is a version of Jawbreaker, where you have to “pop” series of adjacent balls (or in this case cubes) of the same color.

Nokia X3 screenshot Nokia X3 screenshot

Finally, Rally Stars adds a bit of 3D racing to the otherwise mostly arcade mix. Just don’t expect Need-for-Speed-level graphics.

Nokia X3 screenshot Nokia X3 screenshot
Nope, not like Need for Speed

Reader comments

I never experienced any "plastic-on-plastic friction" when using the slider on my Nokia X3. That is very weird, actually.

-Says phone has 5 games pre-installed -Shows 7 games pre-installed in the review GSMArena, what's going on?

  • sooraj puthumana

Is that model availabile now? I want same phone... fresh peice..