Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

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  • numi

is it Sybian(OS)????

  • mohit

is this phone has LED flash

  • Anonymous

yeah. the unit heats up while it is charging. i am not sure if the battery has to do with it.:( One thing more, i can't move files from one folder to the other, i need this to sort my pics and music.:( overall, i still love this phone for its sleek design and touch-type feature.:)

  • AnonD-7756

Mj, 04 May 2011Hi guys! Dont know about others but i would strictly recommend y... morejust go directly to the nokia pripority dealer they will definetly help u.......
m sure nokia is still best for the service...

  • Harsh

What is the diff between resistive and capacitative touch?

  • Duma

I have this phone about 1 month and is the best phone i had ...if you want it buy it dont listen other people..i had only some problems with some aplications but i was too lazy to read how to configure them thats problems with headset touch microphone camera wi-fi...everything is working perfectly

  • Anonymous

Mj, 04 May 2011Hi guys! Dont know about others but i would strictly recommend y... moreWell, its just you, maybe its just because factory failure not product failure (mine written made in korea in it), maybe you just having a bad luck, cheer up okay :)

  • Mj

Hi guys! Dont know about others but i would strictly recommend you not to buy this handset. I purchased this handset ten days back from kolkata, India and the very next day the touchscreen stopped working. I took it to the service center, AM mobiles, rabindra sarobar and they kept it for three days and then returned me. When i started using the phone i realised it gets very hot during use and while charging, its wifi was not working at all and the very other day the touchscreen and headphone stopped working. When i took it back to the same service center they said they cannot service the handset under warranty by giving a very silly excuse. They were very rude in their attitude. I being a doctor never expected such a bad behaviour. Anyways i simply trashed that nokia and purchased a samsung. I would not recommend a nokia handset, not because they are bad, but because the service is very bad. I have had only nokia phones till now, but after this humiliation I am not gonna purchase a nokia ever again.

  • Rak

Purchased a month ago. It has really gud features n looks. But disappointin thin s it switches off automatically:(

  • Lovi

Plz ask me this cell respons

  • vazil

if it had symbian os it would be great.....

  • Laze

Can any1 teach me how 2 download a pdf reader 4 this fone cos it doesn't have 1

  • venky

just mark songs u can send it through blue tooth

  • 19evol61

Anonymous, 03 May 2011v6.00? Can you give me the trusted link, and tell me the steps t... morego here..­e/device-software-update

all you need regarding firmware updates are all there..

  • ashish

ansh, 02 May 2011Hi guys im not sure according to me its a nice fully loaded with... morehey dude if we compare to nokia 5233 in softwares so which is best

  • rachit

I have been using Nokia x3 02 touch and type since a month. This is the worst phone i have ever used.
the problem is with the touch. i have sent the mobile for repair in nokia care many times ,Even they are unable to repair it. So friends if u ask me about the review its a big NO. Dont waste your money buying this phone rather go for samsung.

  • Anonymous

19evol61, 02 May 2011no, the fone's issue was partially true, mine was autorestarting... morev6.00? Can you give me the trusted link, and tell me the steps to update the phone, I'm just a newbie, very please, thanks

  • tazin

hey guys, can anyone please tell me how to send a song via bluetooth by this phone ?? pictures can be send but i couldn't send songs or vedio file...

  • muji

this is a great and fantestice mobile i love this mobile.........:)))))))))))))))))))

  • Raju

This phone lacks gps and maximum edge is only 236 kbps,also display colour combination is only 256k not 16m,and there is no scroll button.