Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

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  • Vikrant

Excellent mobile
Dnt wry X3-02 z best phone i ever used
In mine there is no problems at all
my battery stands for 3 days n no restarting problem

  • rock

Maryanne, 08 Feb 2011Does the nokia x3-02 have a QWERTY BOARD?have you got eyes? can't you see the picture?

  • ryan

i would like to know if you would recommend this phone. i am currently using a palm treo pro 850, and would like to know what would be the difference? i hope the battery is long for this one.

  • San

Nice phone but SE Elm is better. I’m sorry that Nokia still falls short to SE.

The reason I got this one was costs. A locked Elm costs £100 while this one unlocked goes for £80.
It does work well, never had a problem since a month ago.

When I got it I’ve already knew about its bad points like: battery 2.5 days, camera and it’s more difficult to read in sunlight due to the resistive screen.

All these things are better in SE Elm but I didn’t mind just because of the price, SE is still better to me.

C3-01 improves on battery, but that’s a different size and design.

Touch screen is very responsive, and speaker is very loud. You can customise the home screen so it has those shortcuts that you like to make things easier.

Things I was hoping for: to use the volume rocker when phone is locked so I can put music up or down while in my pocket, to have a better grip on the slippery brushed aluminium back cover.

Again SE is better here too.

Other than that the phone is a nice surprise, easy to connect to any pc as well. I hope it lasts.

  • Anonymous

I bought this handset for my fella and he loves it.real easy to use for people who dont love touchscreens, battery life is probably around two days for normal useage.
there is a settings issues in the UK for caller ID when with orange customer services to rectify with manual settings.
I am impressed (and im not usually a nokia fan), although the low(ish)number of free Ovi store applications is a bind (myself am on android with the galaxy S).

  • parisss

rapzzz, 08 Feb 2011i just bought this phone and i see that the battery lasts o... morego to settings and remove 3G, set it to GSM and your battery will last longer.

  • bee

i used this phone for 2 months now and not having any problems with's a good phone and i like it's colour..i had updated it's software and this phone performance was better than before...llllllllooooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeee this phone...

  • Anonymous

andrex, 09 Feb 2011only one alarm can be settap on the clock in the start-screen, there you can set the alarm.

  • Zakir

Maryanne, 08 Feb 2011Does the nokia x3-02 have a QWERTY BOARD?can I please know in Nokia x3-02 touch and tyre whether I can delete the call registry the individual
number by number becuase when i went to options there were for delete item indicating in the options however you can delete in the log registry but every thing gets deleted incoming miss call and dial Nos
Pls clarify

  • andrex

only one alarm can be set

  • Benn John

It's very friendly. It's very reliable and it's suit for the technology today! This phone is not good but is amazing and attractive! From in to out you'll never be bored. Try to use this phone, do not always say that this phone is ugly if you dont try this phone. :)) ACTUALLY, ITS VERY GOOD AND BRILLIANT!

  • Anonymous

I use this phone too, no complains.

  • Maryanne

Does the nokia x3-02 have a QWERTY BOARD?

  • rapzzz

i just bought this phone and i see that the battery lasts only 2 days. is that normal? i use the phone only for voice calls.

  • sufi

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2011Are you all sure that nokia x3-02 is not a good phone to pu... moreya dude its a very good phone ilike it very much

  • fuckers

helo guys its really a gud phone....dnt confuse..urself by li8stening to the fucker like spinj...all idiotic foolls.....jus go for it...only ...minus is the battery life....performnce is really good..and also fast

  • Nokia fan no more

It seems you guys listened to x3 fanatic, the guy who praises the defective x3-02 phone. The turning off by itself problem is in no.4 below. If only you've read what I posted.. these are some of the complaints seen by users of this phone, and I say again:

For x3 fanatic, he says this is 8/10 but i say:

Nokia x3-02: 0.5 out of 10

Its brand new.
1.After buying you will see the defects.Some had returned the product for repairs after a day, or 1week's use.
2.Keys fall from the keypad because they were just glued one by one. The keypad is not a one whole piece, but the keys are separately attached one by gosh.
3.The space bar is located on the rightmost lower part of the keypad, where reaching for the space bar is terribly tiring using the thumb.You will desperately try to reach it.
4.The phone turns off by itself.
5.Poor battery life
6.Touchscreen is useless considering the size.You will accidentally press other functions.Irritating.
7.Not so clear during calls.
8.No navigation key, you will find scrolling difficult.
9.The slimness makes it easier to slip in your hands.
10.Most importantly congratulations on your new phone, you bought it as brand new, and in one day, one week's time, you saw these defects.And nokia would not admit the defects.You have no choice but to have it repaired.You bought it brand new and you'll agree to have it repaired? Listen to x3 fanatic and Happy Regretting!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2011I us the phone and I can teel you some defects. 1. it goes ... moreAre you all sure that nokia x3-02 is not a good phone to purchase i am going to buy onne for my sister this easter thats why i am asking?

  • spin

got the same defect...shutting off and on and off and on!!!!!!!! take action on it please...

  • usama

how to mark msg and then delete in this phone???????