Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

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  • M

I used Nokia X3-02 for almost a month, for the first time i saw it, it makes me "WOW" but now after a month of using it make me "AAH!?", the sensor for touch pad is weak,no arrow up/down/left/right and everything.

  • claire

tis is a fine phone, nice and bright, clear and light with a decent size screen, very slim! 5mp camera with self timer - so ok you won't be able to hold movie nights on it but games and apps show up well. there are some very heavy handed people out there that break all their stuff and this phone is not for them. I look after my stuff and while not jam packed with features it is very 'enabled' and a 3g with touch and type, and just what i wanted. screen is very scrolly and sensitive, no stylus required. you tube streams well but you need a 3g sim card i think. facebook app is v user friendly with immediate photo upload and live feed to the home screen, music player is as good AS ANY I'VE SEEN! And my bluetooth headphones connect like magic.

  • lonely tree

Hi,i just wanted to know if this is a good cell phone.
i like the design but i dont know anything about the functions,please help.

  • RosaBonita

can i have skype on it ?!

  • BLiTZ

Nokia fan no more, 06 Feb 2011And what if you used it properly and the keys still separat... morewell,im sorry if i made u mad,but i just wanna say that if we use the phone wisely MAYBE we can avoid bad things from happening....well,just maybe...didnt mean to make u mad bro

  • Nokia fan no more

rj, 05 Feb 2011if dats d case u better by another phoneThis is indeed the case, that's why USERS pls be very careful about buying this phone. Pls read 20pages of user comments before deciding to buy. This phone has lots of complaints. Don't be fooled by fools around trying to lift a phone where in fact actual users found it as defective and so many complaints were raised.

  • Nokia fan no more

BLiTZ, 05 Feb 2011Well,all phones have its own advantages and weaknesses.its ... moreAnd what if you used it properly and the keys still separated from the keypad? What if after a day of buying you experienced most of the defects like what WE users saw? Don't you think its reasonable to say that this phone is indeed defective? You didn't even had the experience of using this phone, so you cannot actually say anything good about the phone. Because you are not a user of this phone.

  • jayam

it super mobile it's like a ditigal camera effect ple don't buy camera buy the x3-02 nokia model best cell

  • Anonymous

mistik, 05 Feb 2011You can open the youtube page via wifi but you will not be ... moreyou can use d opera browser u can stream for videos but they arent clear.. poor video streaming quality

  • wen

is this nokia has a dictionary application?

  • mistik

hard touch, will hurt if you type too much...

  • mistik

no skype, try and download appl...

  • mistik

rockyboy, 03 Feb 2011can we use youtube through it or not?????????You can open the youtube page via wifi but you will not be able to do streaming... So, It don't work!!!

  • rj

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2011this is not good for texting. the keys fall out from the ke... moreif dats d case
u better by another phone

  • Ally

pammy, 04 Feb 2011i wanna buy this tom.. :) is it good? :D i wnt this badly..... moreits a fantstic phone with good keypad and ok bateery life.. the size of the screen is small but its a good budget phone..go for it:)cheers!

  • Kris

Why can't i watch youtube??!!??!
The media player opens and then it says 'operation failed'....i have a wap internet connection (not wifi) without any problems so why can't i watch vids???

  • BLiTZ

Well,all phones have its own advantages and weaknesses.its the same story with this phone....if u use it properly/wisely,there's a big chance u are going to think that it it the best phone in the world.but,if u handle the phone the wrong way(like pressing the keypads like hell),well i think u know whats gonna happen.havent bought this phone yet...really wanna buy it :D

  • raz

Please help me - i want to Use google talk and Skype in X3-02 . SIS Format cannot install- that format does't support . if any one has JAD format or Jar format for both please post the link or please advise for other way


  • Anonymous

FED, 04 Feb 2011i was trying to lock it with pasword. and after that when i... moreIf u hav tried the key pad lock u can take out the battery & the put them back so u'll be able to open it again and make sure that u don't lock it again

  • pammy

i wanna buy this tom.. :) is it good? :D i wnt this badly.. is the camera quality good? thanks