Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

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  • look4subho

Hi all, well it has been nearly 8 months that I have been using this handset.It is very stylish and attractively designed.there were few problems with the set, like it hanged often.Customer Care had told me that since it runs on the new Symbian software of Nokia,it needs to be kept switched off for atleast 10min everyday.I followed it & everything seemed fine untill all of a sudden the the touchpad stopped working.The handset finally had to be sent to the Factory for repairing and alongwith that, the software was also updated which i found out later.Now. everything is running fine & smooth.So guys if you are having problem of Hanging, please do get ur software updated.
The battery performance is not upto the mark of Nokia, but since I charge my cell everyday, that is not a big issue.

  • pretyU

Nokia 3x-02 is a nice phone with a wonderful shape, the camera is ok, the sound is good. i have owned a Nokia x3-02 for 6 months now but of rescent, aside its going off on itsown suddenly, it does not respond to touch. this i have experienced for like a week now, atimes its slow to reponse other times it does not respond atall until after 5 - 10 mins. Other times, while i try clicking on something, something else will pop open.

please can some one help me out by advising me on what to do.

Thanks in anticipation.

  • grilla

kul fone but battery suxxs does not last 24hrs

  • Anonymous

Resistive touch is quite responsive and gives an elevated feeling upgrading from the navi buttons. At times, the software from may 2010 kept making calls to random contacts until it was updated over Bluetooth connection. The scan for wifi networks feature drains battery in a day, so it's good to turn this off. Device has fallen to the ground a couple of times yielding tiny scratches on the edges. Overall, very tiny and handsome looking.

  • mb

it's so nice phone and it is in budget also looks awesome. 3g is good but screen bad and bettry also. And it should come with symbian not s40. Overall its awesome.

  • Blazer


  • porsche

avi, 11 Feb 2012it's nice phone but as all likes bettry backup not gud so if wan... moreIf it can last for three-4 days without charging then i will.I hear that when the 3G is off it can go 5days.I hav no problem with battery except i hear that it turns off it self when u udate it, is it true? And have u updated it?

  • Porsche

manny, 11 Feb 2012for me its a good mobile even i have changed key pad function ca... moreHow has been your battery life? And how many days does it last if 3G is off?

  • avi

it's nice phone but as all likes bettry backup not gud so if want buy this phone and u have no problam for bettry issues so u can other wise pls don't

  • manny

for me its a good mobile even i have changed key pad function cause the back light not working , i used it for almost a year !

  • rachel

i have this phone for about 3 months.. before,,after few days of purchased it suddenly restart...sometimes hang..and then most of the time it was blocked. on the other hand it was a gud phone

  • Kumaran

very good hardware config, symbian in this would be far better instead of java for this price.....

consider befor buying

  • allen

i have x3-02, and i had exprience for almost 1 week. My battery life is not that long I should charge it every night so I can use it for anotherday. I'm not glad that my phone last for 1 day only. This not good for me.

  • Laiq afridi

I will discuss my nokia x2.02. When i check specification of x2.02 and see that standby battery life is 443hours something and talk time 9.hours i become very happy and go to market and bought x2.02 . But now its battry empty after 15hours maximum. Don,t buy x2.02 please. Its fraud.

  • bob

My bluetooth isn't working. Is there a way to resolve it.

  • AnonD-41718

i have question.. i have a new phone x3-02.. nw few a days ago.. one day when i playing to my phone at movement my phone offed.. then they nt on.. i cant.. please tell me what to do my phone? its not open... plx help

  • spider59

I wasn't happy with the phone!From time to time I was getting no response from the touch screen and discovered the battery didn't fit tightly in the battery compartment causing a loose connection

  • Alan

It is a great feature phone with its functions almost like a smartphone. With Opera mini, facebook, touch screen. Its voice is very clear and ringtone also loud. I like the size, slim and small, easy to carry (I don't like the smartphone, bulky and heavy indeed). I don't care the battery life as long as I will charge my phone every night. However, please please DON'T upgrade the firmware (just keep the original one, there is no different in normal operation) cos if you upgrade the firmware, the strength of receive Wifi signal becomes weak and what's more is that the audio sound quality become crappy ! you will hear a very big echo background noise during conversation !!

  • nepal

It is a nice phone.But i have doubt.Is this supports softwares

  • nepal

It is very nice and i have a doubt .Is this supports software