Nokia X3 Touch and Type S

Nokia X3 Touch and Type S

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  • Anonymous

Ramkumar, 20 Jul 2019This mobile I wantedThis mobile i want

  • Ramkumar

This mobile I wanted

  • AnonD-716026

This is a Nokia X3-03

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Apr 2013Actually, Nokia C5 is the best choice. Unlike most phones, ... moreI find the Nokia E6 a much better choice

  • C3-03

It was C3-03 in virtually.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-68274, 25 Aug 2012How is the quality of the sound recording (dictaphone)? No ... moreActually, Nokia C5 is the best choice. Unlike most phones, it records in AMR, WAV, and MP4 formats with low and high quality settings.

  • Benjie

Why Nokia cancelled?
It's good device, right?

  • wabzy

nokia x3 is vry gud for u my user

  • AnonD-68274

How is the quality of the sound recording (dictaphone)? No one producer specifies this. Can anybody recommend similar mobile with good quality sound recording (as Nokia 5800 had for example)?

  • gabi

I currently use the older version, waiting for the next generation x3s. Its surely fun- the x3.

  • tina

hey im from sydney i luv the nokia x3 touch and type but when does this new edition come out in Australia i love typing the old way and i like that it has a touch screen thats soooo cool its just a phone who cares wat it looks like main thing is that it does its job.

  • km jaki

useful it../

  • Anonymous

I like this Hand Set

  • AnonD-53719

is there any new information regarding this phone?
yesterday i have see it but not using sliding, its candy bar and quite fine also cheap.

  • Raya

I like this i hope the os is s60 and cpu 1ghz

  • AnonD-38734

seriously dis phone looks lyk a calculator.

  • laxxya

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  • nickl333

looks pritty slim, pritty cool. kinda like c2-02/c2-03 mixed with the X3-02/C3-01
Nokia really are trying to fill every hole lol.

  • doraemon22

im further agree that this phone called 'nokia c3-01i

  • Anonymous

it should be improved with same sleek design.
it must have Symbian s60 or android
5 MP with flash
RAM should be increased
shortcut keys on the sides of the phone
battery must be of higher value
must give the option of select all and delete for msgs