Nokia X5-01

Nokia X5-01

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  • Anonymous

Excellent phone IMO, trendy too

  • alyssa

is dis still available?how much in phillipine money?thankyou

  • Anonymous

indian money 9153 rs

  • vijayant malik

the best phone i use in mi life

  • Hitesh

this is the king of middle price mobiles. It's really best

  • amit

this phone is amezing guys!

  • vinay

pinky, 08 Jan 2011hi guyz im going to buy this phone. is this good one.?? plz... moreit was good. dont hesitate to take. carry on .wish u good features and ...............................

  • Vishal

Nikhil, 09 Jan 2011Hey guys pls suggest me is ths mobile is good or not pls pl... moreX5 is very best.

  • Nikhil

Hey guys pls suggest me is ths mobile is good or not pls pls suggest me

  • pinky

hi guyz im going to buy this phone. is this good one.?? plz let me know. thank you :)

  • abe

This is a epic fail the x5-01 I liked it bought it and its terrible, and to top things off the buttons on slide have stoped working avoid

  • Anonymous

Tany, 02 Jan 2011How u use the phone?i mean battery goes 1 day by hard use o... moreaint u provided wid a user customer care..FUGL (F*** U GET LOST) stupid dumbo idiot..

  • Anonymous

i am in love with this phone.

  • Anonymous

256 MB ram is more than sufficient. for ur knowledge, 5800, n97 and all other phones or 5800 era have the same processor

  • Anurag

It's a very good phone to use, but keeping it's firmware updated is bit problematic task. It's a good smart phone flowing out with awesome feature's at such a reasonable price!Its a great phone young youth. It's three biggest cons as far i concern are no secondary camera, no GPS, vulnerable to break easily.
Good feature are 5mp cam, good video recording, music is mind blowing,internet speed and OS is superb,and its qwerty is oohhlalaa!!
I love this phone. It's a great phone.....must buy!!

  • krish

x5 is a such a faltu phone u know operating was faltu
sliding was faltu am facing lot of problems fuc k as holeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Robi

guyz any1 can tell me what is the HSPDA speed?pleeeeeeeeeez

  • Chamxz

Roby, 01 Jan 2011hi.. How is your upper buttons....of this button... morewe are just desame as my nokia's x5 failure. the upper arrow button

  • Tany

ambika, 04 Jan 2011using for the past 3 months....good..but buttons very smallHow's the battery backup,camera & video quality,build quality?as it has 256 MB of ram,is it fast enough?

  • Tumtbe

How much ram ?? Can anyone tell me....i m not seeing in spc..