Nokia X5-01

Nokia X5-01

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  • s sing

hi guys

nokia x5-01 cell is so looking great realy i want to buy dis nokia x5-01 but before that i need some infrm abt freature of dis cell from u guys so plz help me......//

  • Anonymous

I Live in India :(
and Who is selling this phone ?

  • Marcin

Anonymous, 28 Mar 2013Hi All, Today is 28-03-2013 , does anyone have any idea from w... more­01-funkcje-e52-e72-i3143205702.html

It's only prototype, I don't think you will be able to get any other. The price is not too high as for it.
This is something like e-Bay, if you want to get some information from the guy that selling this phone, reply here.

  • M B

Anonymous, 28 Mar 2013Hi All, Today is 28-03-2013 , does anyone have any idea from w... morewhere do you live? In my country (Iran)this phone still can be found in some mobile phone shops around Vali-Asr Square in Tehran.

  • bany

i liked ....its so good

  • Anonymous

Hi All,
Today is 28-03-2013 , does anyone have any idea from where i can buy this phone .. i really need to buy this ..Kindly help

  • sourov kumar dey

i have nokia X5-01 symbain smartphone.i like so much it.because i can manything in this's camera,sound is too's internet connection is too this phone nokia company has included many,it is a best phone for me.

  • Anonymous

can we order this phone again in this year??.. Im in indonesia

  • Anomunus

Okay so now that I've owned this phone for 2 years, I know what to say.
First of all, it looks really cute. Some might disagree, but for the most part all those who I've shown the phone to think it's cute (especially the ladies hehehe).
Functionally, though, IT SUCKS. Symbian OS 9.3 supports like no apps and if you're looking to play video games on it, yeah get a typical smart phone (Samsung or iPhone). As well, the notifications for the texts glitch easily once you have a large number of texts on the phone, sometimes the notifications disappear and until you delete a large number of them off the phone and restart it, will notifications return.
As well, my particular phone seems to have a wonky upper speaker, because I and friends who borrowed my phone to call people have found that the sound, even on maximum, is too quiet.
The media player is as how I expected it, and the camera takes decent photos (better than the camera in my 4th gen iPod Touch).

Also I find the phone quite heavy for its size, it's like a little square brick :P

If you're just looking for a basic feature phone with a QWERTY keyboard, I guess you can go for this. But I don't really suggest it for someone who wants a real smartphone.

  • Anu chatse

I likes Nokia ....
So I want this new smart phone...
Plz sugest me for this new phone...
I want purchase it quick.
So tell me plz...
How perform this phone.

  • soofi

i had this was wonderful.How ever,it has been stolen :'( . I never forget my pinc X5

  • Anonymous

there is nt very high demand nd it does'nt have high rating of nokia x5-01 then y it is of 7ooo/- rs???

  • gine

i ever had this phone and for me this is the best nokia phone i ever had.
the shape is unique,easy to use and very entertaining.
i never felt sorry to bought it

  • Anonymous

i have x3 in use but i can't transfer applications, can it be done using x5 with bluetooth?

  • Anonymous

DABRAL, 11 Jan 2013i want to bye this phone so what is your opinian..? good

  • Bowchicky

Is watsapp downloadable in this x5.. Am plannin to get one

  • deep Jaat

i have this phone browsing on internet is very soft


i want to bye this phone so what is your opinian..?

  • novy

does this phone can be found in Egypt????? where??? pleasssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee urgent

  • Iran

alie, 19 Oct 2012hi im from iran.i have nokia x5 but it havent persian moreI have not found any Middle Eastern flash file (MEA) for this phone. But as far as I know if you flash your phone and change your phone language to Philipian you will be able to read Persian messages and in order to type message in Persian you can install Farsi SMS application.